Why I’m Obsessed with Oil Pulling [my remarkable story]

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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing a brutal New England Winter, then you know exactly what I mean with I refer to the “Winter blues”.  There’s just always something about the extreme cold & snow that seems to reduce energy levels & chip away at our daily motivation.  Well, I was feeling particularly sluggish a couple weeks ago when I heard some chatter about “oil pulling”.  What is oil pulling you ask?  I had the same question.  “Oil pulling” or “oil swishing” refers to putting a teaspoon of oil in your mouth then swishing & pulling it between your teeth for 20 minutes.  I know it sounds completely bazaar & pointless, but I can assure you IT’S NOT.  Over the years, people have reported all sorts of crazy oil pulling benefits, from detox and whiter teeth, to migraine relief, and even improved vision!  At first, I was pretty skeptical (I don’t usually fall for these types of things), but I figured I’d give it a shot – at least for it’s supposed detox powers, which I could always use in the middle of the Winter!  All I can say is that I was completely shocked & amazed…here’s the story of my personal oil pulling benefits, after just one week!


I will admit, the first time I tried oil pulling it was a terrible experience.  I couldn’t even last 10 minutes, let alone the recommended 20!  By the second time, this had changed.  I actually found it quite relaxing, and lasted the entire 20 minutes.  Before I go any further with my story and my personal oil pulling benefits, here’s how to “pull oil”.

How to Pull Oil:

Pick a time of day that will consistently work for you. I really like to pull oil first thing in the morning.  I roll out of bed, take a spoonful of oil, then jump in the shower.  By the time I get out of the shower, the 20 minutes is usually up!

Select your oil. I use organic expeller-pressed coconut oil, but your can also use organic sesame oil, sunflower oil, or olive oil. What ever oil you select, it should be organic and pure for maximum benefits.  I really like using the coconut oil because it doesn’t have a very strong taste, it’s actually pretty neutral.

Place a teaspoon of oil in your mouth.  Coconut oil starts out as a solid, so when you first put it in your mouth it feels a bit funky, don’t worry, it will melt into a smooth liquid in a matter of seconds!  As I mentioned, this was very difficult for me the first time around, but I actually found myself enjoying it by the second and third time!

Swish & pull the oil around your mouth and through your teeth.  As the oil melts, begin to lightly swish it around your mouth.  Allow the oil to glide in between your teeth.  DO NOT SWALLOW THE OIL.  I was super paranoid about swallowing the oil my first time, so much so that I had to spit it out.  So my advice is to allow yourself to completely relax throughout the process.  I like to practice calming belly breaths (in and out through your nose), which are super relaxing =).  Simply swallow as you naturally would and focus on keeping the oil in the front of your mouth.  Your first time might be difficult, but you’ll have it down by the second and third time!

Spit out the oil.  Once the 20 minutes is up, spit out your oil into the waste bin (not down the sink because it could clog it!)  Now you can brush your teeth!

Oil Pulling Benefits [I’ve personally experienced]

I didn’t begin to notice most of these changes from oil pulling until after my third time.  It’s also important to note that I’m not at all a morning person, in fact I’m really a monster until after I’ve had my second coffee, so some of the results I found after oil pulling were actually quite remarkable to me personally.  Oh, and these benefits are the changes I’ve noticed after oil pulling for only A WEEK, so I’m really looking forward to any other improvements that might come up as I continue!

1. Elevated mood.  This was one of the first things I noticed.  In fact, I felt this change after the second time I pulled oil.  As I mentioned above, I am not a morning person, but after pulling oil I consistently feel brighter, happier, and more talkative BEFORE I even have my first coffee!  I actually skipped coffee twice in the past week and still felt wonderful.  This actually blew my mind.

2. Feeling more alert.  I suppose this ties to the elevated mood, but I began noticing this about halfway through my first week.  The cold weather always makes me feel sort of sluggish and “fuzzy”, but I’ve started to feel much sharper with clearer thoughts and better focus.  Of course, this feeling is subjective for different people, but it was a very noticeable change for me.

3. Increased energy.  Along with feeling more alert, I’ve noticed that my energy levels have increased.  I’ve been falling asleep quicker and rising earlier with much more energy than before (especially more than I usually have in the dead of the Winter).

4. Hangover Cure.  I had cocktails two nights this past week.  The first night, I enjoyed a few vodka drinks at dinner with my husband, which is enough to leave me feeling groggy and “off” the next day. As expected, I woke up feeling like I drank the night before, but not a full blown hangover.  I did my morning ritual, including the oil pulling and felt clear & refreshed almost immediately after, this amazed me.  The next night was a girls night out where I enjoyed countless (skinny) margaritas… I woke up the next day feeling terrible. Headache, shaky, tired, nauseous, the whole sha-bang.  I pulled oil as usual, and noticed gradual improvements for about a half hour after.  This result wasn’t as quick as the first night (with lighter drinking), but within an hour of oil pulling my headache was gone and and my hangover was completely gone.  This REALLY blew my mind.

5. Cleared up acne & smoother skin. About 4-5 days into oil pulling, I noticed my skin felt more much smoother & more hydrated.  I typically have super dry skin in the Winter, but it’s improved tremendously since I’ve started oil pulling.  Also, I’ve had a light acne breakout on my chin for about a month now, that breakout has completely cleared up.  This was one of the benefits of oil pulling that I was not expecting at all!

6. Whiter teeth.  Like better than professional teeth whiteners, seriously.  Next to increased energy, this is perhaps one of my favorite benefits of oil pulling.  I didn’t start oil pulling to whiten my teeth, I started because of the “detox” benefits, but this was truly amazing.  On my fourth day of oil pulling I glanced in the mirror while driving to work and was shocked at what I saw… my teeth were at least 3-4 shades whiter than they were just a few days ago.  I’ve used whitening strips and had my teeth professionally whitened in the past, but I’ve never seen them THIS WHITE.  To prove the difference, I snapped a picture that same day in the car, right after I noticed my teeth.  The “before” photo was taken a few weeks ago, I’ve used no whitening products between the two photos.


In addition to my personal findings, here’s a list of oil pulling benefits that others have found…

  • Helps detoxify the body of harmful toxins
  • Correcting hormone imbalances
  • Reduces the symptoms of allergies
  • Reducing inflammation of arthritis
  • Migraine relief
  • May help with gastro-enteritis
  • Aids in the reduction of eczema
  • Reduce symptoms of bronchitis
  • Reduce sinus congestion
  • Some people report improved vision
  • Reduce insomnia
  • Support normal kidney function

Well folks, that about sums up my personal experience with oil pulling thus far.  Of course, I’ll continue to update this post with any new oil pulling benefits I should find!

I highly recommend giving oil pulling a shot, especially if you could benefit from any of the improvements I found!  If you do, please share your findings in the comments section below.  I’m really looking forward to hearing about other experiences with oil pulling!

Update! Check out even more amazing coconut oil beauty benefits here!


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    1. Erika, I’m can’t say for sure if it is or not, but coconut oil is 100% natural and it’s something you would eat regardless, so I’d say it should be definitely be safe while breastfeeding. You could always double check with your doctor though =) If you do, let us know what they say!

    2. My co-workers at my second job swore by the benefits of coconut pulling, at first I was confused as to what it actually was. Ive only oil pulled twice with the organic coconut oil, and I ALREADY FEEL BRIGTHER,MORE ALERT,AND DEFINETELY MORE ENERGY!!!
      I only started because Im nervous about a denist appointment coming up soon. Im excited to see what other benefits I notice!

    3. Hey Erika I saw your question and it is totally safe for you while breastfeeding. I have also read many places that coconut oil may help improve milk supply. So enjoy =)

    4. I want to try oil pulling but I just had my wisdom teeth out last week. Will it be safe to do with the “trenches” in my mouth?

  2. Agreed, this is great and quite relaxing actually! It’s weird at first but you get used to it and 20
    Minutes goes by in no time! Start with a smaller amount or else you might have trouble if you aren’t used it it. Or maybe that’s just my problem 🙂

    1. The first time, YES. I had to spit it out because I felt like my mouth was rapidly filling up, of course I panicked! After that it wasn’t bad at all, I think stressing about it makes that happen…

  3. Organic coconut oil is great! I had already been using it as a skin balm and makeup remover. Oil pulling has made brushing and flossing more effective and yes, I have noticed brighter teeth. I have discarded many facial items that just don’t agree with my sensitive skin and this is affordable! I also cook with it. 🙂

  4. How often do you oil pull? Everyday from here on in or after a week or so, do you start doing it less often?

  5. This sounds great! I just started using coconut oil on my skin and love it. I saw immediate results, so oil pulling with coconut oil and its benefits really interests me. How often do you do oil pulling… every day? a couple times a week?

    Thanks for the info. 🙂

  6. I have read on other sites about oil pulling and that you need to spit the oil that you swished in the garbage so you don’t clog your pipes! Pretty important to remember! And to not swallow ANY, all the impurities are in that oil after swishing!

  7. I was wondering the same thing as Colleen. Is this something you can do on a regular basis or do you do it for a certain amount of time and then give your body a break?

    Thank you so much for this post. I have read some things in the past about oil pulling but just dismissed it as crazy. I keep coming back to it for some reason so I figure I better try it, your post convinced me, so thank you!

    1. Hi Jill, I’m so happy you found my post helpful. I felt the same as you, that’s why I had to see for myself! I continually do it daily…I’ve done a lot of research and it seems to be completely safe because it is 100% natural. I don’t think it’s necessary to give your body a break, unless you feel like that’s best for you!

  8. Hi! Loved this post. I drink a lot of tea and coffee so I’m always looking for new (natural) teeth whitening tricks, so I’m looking forward to trying this. I had one question though; would vegetable oil suffice or not? Just wondering! Thanks!

      1. Safflower or plain old vegetable oil works and so does virgin olive oil. I’ve used both. Really it is the swishing of the OIL inside your mouth that removes the bacteria/plaque/tartar so various types of oil all basically work in the same manner.
        As a pre-menopausal woman I will add that the oil pulling has helped reduce my hot flashes. Also it has helped to cure sore muscles. Really, it is a miracle thing to know how to do.

  9. I have another question, I have heard this is not safe to do if you have fillings as it has the potential to remove the filling which contains mercury which is harmful. Has anyone checked with their dentist or knows if this is accurate? Thanks!!

  10. Hello Jordan! I just found out about your website and I’m loving it!
    Can’t wait to try oil pulling! If I try this with olive oil will I get the same benefits? It has to be extra virgin or something? Thanks 🙂

  11. I also found it worked as a great hangover cure! My effects have been- whiter teeth, no receding gums, no tooth sensitivity, healthy tongue, reduction in dark circles, acne and eczema eased up, ‘brain fog’ eased up and feel more mentally alert, more energy, softer skin, sinuses cleared, feel I can breathe more easily, less joint pain. When I first heard of OPing I thought it sounded bonkers, but decided to give it a try for my teeth as I wanted to whiten them but had ruined them using those bleaching strips. Not only did OPing with coconut oil whiten my teeth it got rid of the sensitivity. I get compliments all the time on how nice my teeth look.

      1. I only did it for my teeth, but began to notice these weird changes in my health, especially in my sinuses and also less brain fog. I wondered if it was just a coincidence, but looked up other testimonials and saw that others had them too. I just felt really good, more balanced and had so much energy I was bouncing off the walls! I’ve had ‘low energy’ all my life due to a disability that affects my joints and muscles and am always tired, and no matter what I tried- potions, vitamins, medications, diets, exercises, nothing increased my energy. But OPing made me feel great. I have no idea how it works and when I try and explain it to people they think I’m crazy. I also think it’s slightly racist when people assume this Indian practice isn’t as ‘proper’ as Western medicine, therefore it must be rubbish. Plenty of Western medicine has been harmful. Also, my dentist was really impressed with the condition of my teeth and asked what I’d been doing, as they had improved so much in a short space of time.

      2. Hi ,I used to oil pull with sunflower oil several years ago & actually found it quite beneficial.The only problem was after a few weeks of pulling I started noticing fine lines above my upper lip which were probably mimic lines which resulted from pulling everyday for 20 mins.
        I haven’t pulled since,which I find a shame.
        Is it possible to pull in less time ?

  12. Never heard of oil pulling. So on that note, I have some coconut oil. So I am going to try it tonight and every night here forward…. Anything natural is so worth a try….

    1. I´ve read that it´s better to do it first time in the morning…, with an empty stomach…

  13. Was wondering if you had ever heard if it helps with perimenopause symptoms? Trying to get through this naturally. Thanks!

    1. Hi Tammy, I don’t really know if it would help with that but it’s certainly worth a try! It’s a natural way to detox and uplift, so it won’t hurt anything =)

      1. Thanks Jordan! Tried it this morning, anxious to keep trying it and see how I am feeling after a few more days.

  14. So I just got done oil pulling for the first time ever! I used coconut oil and was able to last for about 15 minutes. I woke up feeling really groggy and tired and at first I thought maybe I was just imagining it but once I got done oil pulling I felt more awake and upbeat. I decided to do some additional research on oil pulling and came across your blog and saw that it made you feel more alert and awake as well….so maybe I’m not imagining it! I’m now even more excited to see what happens after doing this for a full week!

    I do have a question for you. I’ve heard it said that it should be done on an empty stomach and before brushing your teeth. I’ve also seen people who oil pull up to 3x a day. If I want to do it more than once a day, do I need to do it on an empty stomach? And should I brush my teeth after every time?

    Thanks so much!

  15. I love OP!!!!! I’ve been doing it for about 5 months and I haven’t missed a day yet! My skin is the best its ever been! No more dark circles, my teeth are soooo clean!!!!! I am sleeping better and have more energy. I will probably do this the rest of my life!!! I have told all my friends who think I am totally crazy – but I don’t care!!!!!

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  17. This is another one of those things that you have to research to understand. Oil pulling is supposed to have originated in ancient India however there’s no evidence it actually existed until some bacteriologist doctor (F. Karach, who may or may not be real) said he cured his own blood cancer with it at the All Ukranian Oncologists convention. in 1990.
    The book that was written about this was almost painfully without scientific evidence and was sponsored by the Coconut Oil Research Center. Dubious, indeed.
    There is no physical way that swishing oil through your teeth can have ANY HEALTH BENEFITS ST ALL besides massaging your gums. The same benefits list that you used is the one that is listed everywhere. These aren’t “findings”. It is simply the case of one person writing it (in this case, a self-serving doctor who might not exist) and countless people like yourself get ahold of that one paragraph and repeat it.
    It is physically impossible to detoxify your liver from swishing the oil of smashed olives. It is absolutely not capable of helping with insomnia, bladder toxicity, chronic pain – one person said it even cured them of AIDS.
    I hate being so harsh but I feel the need to address these things when I see them. As a doctor, I can’t stand false testimony that’s based on ancient wisdom. It sounds legit to say something is 2,000 years old so it has been proven.
    Oil pulling has not. If it was so wonderful, those Indians word have had longer lives, healthier bodies and good teeth! The Indians still died, usually by age 40, of disease and accidents.
    Please, research this yourself and see how there is no evidence anywhere, in any time from any person, that oil pulling is more than bathing your teeth in oil for 20 minutes a day.
    Check out ALL points of view when trying this or blogging about it. Do not just look it up because you might wind up repeating the same lies. It would be interesting to see what people think now that you know you’re not receiving the benefits you claim. Most people won’t admit it and insist that it DOES work for them. The power of suggestion.
    Go check out Snopes or other debunking sites. Like they say, if it sounds too good to be true thrm it probably is. A teaspoon of oil every day to heal 90% of your health issues would change the world. It hasn’t changed yet.

    1. I agree with your comments, my husband is also a physician, and as a pediatrician he has parents bringing their children in, talking about the different “all natural” drinks, vitamins, etc. they are giving their children to which my husband replies, “snake venom is all natural too, would you give that to your child”. People need to realize “all natural” doesn’t necessarily equate with healthy.

    2. Your mouth is actually very absorbant and you can take a lot of vitamins into your mouth that way. It’s one of the reasons that B12 vitamins are disolved under your tongue. Coconut oil itself has a lot of amazing vitamins and is known for helping flush toxins out of your body just when ingested. Vitamin K is known as the tooth vitamin. Check it out. It also helps flush flouride off your pineal gland which will change your life in more ways than you can even imagine. I don’t think the act of running coconut oil over your teeth is what is changing people, I think it’s having the oil in their mouth for such a long time and having the blood rush to that area through the act of swishing. Nothing wrong with opening your mind up to the possibilty. Just because you don’t understand how something works doesn’t make it untrue. 🙂

    3. How weird that it ‘doesn’t work’ according to you, as my teeth went from quite yellow to completely white within just a month of daily oil pulling, and the root canal my dentist told me I definitely needed wasn’t needed at all two months later either — not after I had oil pulled every day. Interestingly too, everybody who says ‘oil pulling doesn’t work’ is either a dentist or affiliated with the medical industry. I know without a shadow of a doubt that it worked for me, and continues to work. It has also worked for my parents and for several friends.

  18. I keep saying I’m going to start oil pulling, but I really don’t like the taste of the oil. Maybe I’ll give it another try. But I’ve been putting it on my toothbrush when I brush my teeth and I put the toothpaste over it. The mint of the toothpaste hides the coconut oil smell and taste I don’t like. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the whiteness of my teeth.

  19. my husband wears dentures. Would he feel the other results? Swish with dentures or without? I take a lot of meds for a back injury would this affect them? I will be seeing my Doc next so I’ll ask him and get back to you.

    1. If your husband does it, have him do it with out dentures. This way the oil can be in contact with as much mouth as possible. Dentures get soaked every night anyway.

  20. Hi there! I just wanted to say I heard about oil pulling a little while back and I have to say I absolutely love it! It took me a while to get used to the coconut oil texture but it doesn’t bother me anymore. I started because I heard it was good for tooth pain. I have a molar that has a chunk missing and my root is exposed, not having the coverage or the money at the moment to get it pulled by a dentist, I decided to try oil pulling. After 10 minutes of pulling the pain had pretty much gone away. It was incredible. So anytime I feel a toothache come alone I slip a spoonful of oil in my mouth and it imitately takes the pain away! I heard it is also good for cavities! Thank you for your artical!

  21. Oil pulling sounds great can’t wait to try it
    But if it’s so good for u. How come you can’t swallow it
    But then again I read some people say they mix it in food to eat — is that true can u really eat it…..can’t wait to hear back and learn so much about this stuff –Thank u so much

    1. I don’t have scientific evidence to this, but I have read that the reason you need to spit it out after pulling is because after being in your mouth for 20 min, toxins (and probably also food particles from between your teeth) are “pulled” out into the oil. You don’t want to ingest all that! But organic coconut oil is great to use for cooking! Just don’t swish it around in your mouth first :p

    2. You don’t want to swallow it because it helps break down the biofilm left from microorganisms on your teeth. Part of the point is to remove as much of the toxins as possible. You don’t want to go reintroducing those into your body.

    3. Hi Deena. You can ingest coconut oil and it is extremely to use in cooking and baking. The reason you don’t swallow after oil pulling, is that you would be ingesting the toxins that oil has pulled from swishing around in your mouth. You want that all out of your system, so after 15-20 minutes you just spit it in to a trashcan.

    4. I have a spoon of organic coconut oil every day and feel great, the idea of pulling and not swallowing the oil is because it has a lot of toxins in it after pulling that you want to get rid of not put back in your body. I read that the reason it should take 20 minutes is because that’s how long it takes blood to go round the body, and your pulling toxins from the blood. It does make some sort of sense.

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  23. I have been oil pulling for a couple weeks and I have a salty taste in my mouth regular, is that normal? .

  24. I believe it has benefits when a teaspoon is slipped into coffee, etc though when pulling you don’t to swallow as it contains impuries that have been pulled. Hope that makes sense. 🙂

  25. I noticed that you had mentioned that you were a coffee drinker. So am I ???? Do you oil pull before or after your morning cup of coffee? Some articles state the you should oil pull on an empty stomach.

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  27. Hi! I’ve been doing oil pulling for almost 2 weeks now but i feel that my skin instead of getting better is getting worse! I’m having a lot of pimples and blackheads… 🙁 do you know if it could be linked to the oil pulling? Or is it just not for me…?

    1. I do know that when you detoxify, sometimes your skin will break out as you release the toxins from your system. I would give it a bit more time to see if your skin clears up and improves.

  28. Additional information that you should know and share is that you should use organic, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil. refined is not pure, and as a result doesn’t have the same benefits.

  29. Hi Jordan…just read ur artical of oil pulling . I am surprised to read about the benefits .I have dark circles under my eyes.does the oil pulling work for it??u mean how oil pulling works for dark circles?? Thanks..

  30. To the skeptical comment from the doctor: Touching fire will burn you, but putting a kettle on a fire will give you hot water for tea…and your point is? You can be negative and snarky about anything you don’t understand. Science hasn’t proven there’s a God, but by faith, I believe in Him. Faith works by love, with hope as a by-product. It seems intellect always gets in the way and tries to drag people down. I’d rather soar in faith and love and hope and gain the benefit of being happy. If everyone is experiencing happy benefits, why knock it? Enjoy your oil pulling everybody!!! : )

  31. Really interesting. Going to try this. I was reading about fillings coming out. From my experience as an oral surgeon assistant fillings they use now do not contain mercury. Unless you have old fillings from 1990s . I have only heard good things about coconut oil on teeth . If it is causing you to have “teeth problems ” might want to check with your dentist for “leaking fillings”and maybe having them replaced.

  32. Thanks for your article. I am on day six of oil pulling and I too have noticed an increase of energy in the morning and less restlessness when wanting to fall asleep at night. Sometimes – even if I’m tired – I can’t will myself to sleep at night. This past week I’ve been in bed before midnight every week. My teeth are also noticeably whiter!!! Food and drink also tastes more flavorful too. Have you experienced this?

  33. I have always been plagued with gingivitis, heavy plaque and cavities. I began oil pulling journey in December. In March when I went for my bi-annual dental appointment, my dentist of 7 years and I were both amazed at how easily the cleaning went. And for the first time in my adult life, my gums did not bleed. She was finished in record time and did not need to reach for the “jack hammer” to remove the plaque and tarter . An this is my number one reason for being an oil puller for life!

  34. I too was amazed at how negative the “doctors” comment was. They always seem to be highly against natural remedies. I find that the negativity is mostly because they don’t want people to depend solely on natural remedies if their REALLY sick which is understandable. However another part of me feels their so against it because it would mean less money in their pockets, pharmaceutical pockets, government pockets etc. Anything that actually works they don’t want anyone to have. So money medications that work that are approved overseas they take off the shelves here in the good US of A case in point one particularly one I use to take as a child called Buckleys that medication was disgusting but would knock a cold out with one tablespoon. Now it’s no where to be found in the U.S and if you do happen to find it best believe it won’t be the price it use to be. With that said I’ve been oil pulling with coconut oil for about 3 weeks now. Like many of the benefits listed I too have noticed cleaner teeth, a calmer attitude I’m not as tired as I usually am from working a full time job and handling a energetic toddler. In fact my only reason for running into this blog is because I’ve been noticing I a change with my eyesore where I need to take off my glasses sometimes to read something better. It’s weird and of course I’m going to get my eyes checked but I wanted to see if anyone else encountered the same because of oil pulling. Regardless if it is or isn’t I will be continuing with the oil pulling. Other participants testimonials of the benefits they have received seem to match what’s listed on the internet doc because hello concidentally they are the same. Not everyone cares to be stuffed with prescribed medications that tend to do more harm then good or even have to be counteracted or be increased in dosage to have beneficial affects. So if something that is natural for the body works then why wouldn’t you encourage your patients to do so. Your practice is to promote health and a longer life not just follow man made books through trial and error yet isn’t that why they call you guys practitioners.

  35. I’ve never even heard of this, but I have to go to the grocery store later, and I am going to get some organic coconut oil. I am a business owner and I sell coconut oils and use them to remove makeup, make my hair softer, “contain” the flyaways in my hair, make my skin softer, etc. but the one I have is called “Sunny and share coconut oil” and it’s scented, so I’m not going to use that one, ALTHOUGH it is naturally based lol. Anyways, I am going to try this for my teeth. I already got rid of the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes with the products I sell. And no acne with the face mask and face wash I have, so we will see what all this can do for my teeth to be whiter because it’s cheaper than white strips and I was about to purchase some white strips as I know those work really good, but as you have mentioned, it works better than them, so we will see. I know those white strips work really good.

  36. There is a reason that the good doctor stumbled across this article. Perhaps he/she has a health problem. This should not dissuade somebody from trying this method. It has been scientifically proven that the same plaque in the gums is also responsible for the clogging of the heart. They have linked this for years. It only stands to reason that many other systems in the body are all in fact linked. The glands in the mouth are connected to lymph nodes and the lymphatic system is indeed connected throughout the body. Lymph nodes filter blood. I believe that there are many benefits that can be had by oil pulling I also believe it does in fact stimulate the funcion of the saliva glands. It is a proven fact that saliva has cavity fighting properties alone. I believe that it is harmless to try this method and see if it helps your over all health. Even if it just whitens your teeth and improves your overall oral care it is worth it!

  37. It’s amazing the number of benefits (acne, included) and the amount of research that’s been conducted in oil-pulling. I think the fact that’s it’s so cheap, easy and readily available should lend itself to almost anyone’s toolbox of health. Thank you for sharing this informative post.

  38. Traditionally, oil pulling is done only with sesame oil. however there is no restriction in using other oil. But it works better with sesame oil. So please give a try with sesame oil if possible.

  39. Well…I always like to try natural methods for just about everything! I found this information very interesting, but when I read the negative comments by the Doctor above, I became determined to give it a try. Western medicine is so entrenched in treating the symptoms as opposed to the cause, and prescribing medicines that most of them have no real understanding of (nor the time to research every drug since they are beyond numerous!). Some prescription drugs are worse than the disease! I will be trying this and getting back to you with whatever my results yield! Thanks for the post and comments. :))

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