DIY Lacquer Makeup Tray [tutorial]

diy makeup tray cardboard2

Remember the fabulous up-cycled makeup organizer I made last year?  Unfortunately, it’s no longer in use now that I’m using a different vanity in our new home…That’s okay, it just gives me another excuse to create something new!  My new vanity has lots of drawers, so this time I didn’t need as much surface storage for my makeup.  This time, I wanted to create a “catch all” tray to keep my vanity top looking as neat & clean as possible when it wasn’t in use.  Last time, I used recycled soup cans to create my makeup organizer, so in keeping with the up-cycled theme, I decided to use a cardboard box top this time around!  Here’s how I created my DIY Up-Cycled Lacquer Makeup Tray

diy makeup tray-cardboard3

DIY Up-Cycled Lacquer Makeup Tray [tutorial]


  • 1 cardboard box top (I used one from an Ikea storage box I had)
  • 2 colors, Americana Gloss Enamel Paint (enamel paint gives a shinny lacquer-look finish)
  • Americana stencil (I used retro mod Mixed Media)
  • small paint brush
  • stencil dabber (optional, but makes life easier)


Apply two coats of your base paint color to the box top, waiting a half hour between makeup tray-cardboard7

Apply two coats of your trim paint color around the edges of your tray.  My box top happened to have metal edges which made this part a bit easier, but you can improvise!

diy lacquer tray

Allow the tray to dry for an hour (or until it’s no longer tacky)…diy makeup tray-cardboard6

Determine how you’d like to position your stenciling, I stenciled the entire bottom of my tray to give it a chic, modern look.

diy makeup tray-cardboard5

Use the dabber tool to stencil your tray with your accent paint color.

diy makeup tray-cardboard4

Allow paint to dry for 1-2 hours before using your new DIY lacquer makeup tray!

diy makeup tray-cardboard2

Now at least your makeup mess will be contained!

diy makeup tray-cardboard

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