DIY Felted Wool Spring Poppy Pillow [tutorial]

felted wool pillow diy

I’ve been itching to make something using felted wool for a while.  I’ve always loved the rich, chic look of wool décor, especially pillows.  What I didn’t realize was how simple it was to make felted wool!  As soon as I realized all I needed was an old wool sweater, I rushed right out to my nearest thrift shop to start searching.  I decided I would use my felted wool to create an fun accent pillow for my bed, so I chose an old sweater in a bright, Spring green.  After about an hour, I completed my lovely Felted Wool Spring Poppy Pillow (which even Brett approved of)!

felted wool-pillow-diy

DIY Felted Wool Spring Poppy Pillow [tutorial]

*you won’t need the first three items if you already have a premade pillow

  • fabric for your pillow base (I used a canvas drop cloth!)
  • cotton pillow fill
  • sewing machine
  • old wool sweater (at least 75% wool)
  • needle & thread
  • scissors


How to make felted wool: Start with an old wool sweater.  Place it in the washing machine on the longest possible setting.  Remove the sweater from the washing machine and place it in a pillow case, dry the sweater on the hottest setting.  This simple process will turn your wool sweater into felted wool!

how to mak felted wool

Now that you have your felted wool, cut it into small circles (approx. 2″ in diameter).

felted wool-pillow-diy7

Next, you will need to create your pillow base.  Stitch a simple pillow form on your sewing machine, flip right-side-out, stuff it, then stitch up the open side.  You can skip this step if you are starting with a premade pillow =)

felted wool-pillow-diy5

Now it’s time to attach your felted wool circles to your pillow!  This process is a lot like tufting.  Lay out the pattern of circles on your pillow, then, starting from the top of the circle, pull your needle all the way through the back side of the pillow.

felted wool-pillow-diy4

Stitch the needle through the circle 5 or 6 times until you achieve a nice indent in the center of the circle.

felted wool-pillow-diy3

Continue this “tufting” method for the rest of the circles.  Once complete, you’ll have your beautiful, new felted wool pillow!  This gives the circles a fun, poppy flower look!

diy felted wool pillow

I absolutely LOVE the fun pop of color my felted pillow added to my (all white) bedroom =)

PS. If you like the look of this pillow, you’ll love our DIY Irish Rose Wreath, St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner!

felted wool-pillow-diy2

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