Skinny Lady’s Tomato + Pesto Grilled Cheese [recipe]

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There’s something so wonderfully timeless about simple & classic childhood dishes like peanut butter & jelly, mac + cheese, grilled cheese etc.  They’ll just never go out of style!  Sometimes the only thing better then enjoying the original is finding a fun way to mix them up!  I was craving a hot, melty grilled cheese the other day, so I decided to make one with a sophisticated, grown up twist.  I call my yummy creation the Skinny Lady’s Tomato + Pesto Grilled Cheese because it uses no butter & less than half the typical amount of cheese 😉


Skinny Lady’s Tomato + Pesto Grilled Cheese [recipe]
This classic childhood staple just GREW UP…


  • one 6″ French baguette (or ciabatta)
  • sharp cheddar cheese (4 thin slices from a block)
  • 1-2 tbsp. pesto spread (reserve 1 tsp. for outside of bread)
  • tomato slices (I used grape tomatoes, but sliced tomatoes will work too)
  • 2 tbsp. sundried tomatoes (adds a great flavor, but you can omit if you’d prefer only regular tomatoes)


Cut your French bread in half & begin assembling your sandwich.  Spread pesto on both halves, then add cheese & tomatoes.


Press sandwich together & spread remaining 1 tsp. of pesto over the outside of the bread.  Bring a griddle (or grill) to medium heat.  Lay the grilled cheese down and press down with a spatula as it cooks.  Flip the sandwich after 1-2 minutes (should be golden brown), then grill the opposite side.


Remove grilled cheese from the griddle and slice in half.  Enjoy with a cup of soup or side salad.

Bon Appetite!


The Skinny Lady Grilled Cheese has so many wonderful & sophisticated flavors…it’s amazing that it hatched from such a simple childhood classic!


If you enjoyed the Skinny Lady’s Tomato + Pesto Grilled Cheese, you’ll LOVE the Skinny Lady’s Mac & Cheese!

What are some of your favorite twists on classic dishes?

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