DIY Popcorn Tin Trash Can [DIY Project]

popcorn tin trash can

These giant tins of Christmas popcorn must go back decades, I can remember munching from them when I was just a tot!  The best part is that after all these years, they’ve remained unchanged, and there aren’t many things we can say that about!  After about two weeks, Brett and I polished off our giant tin of popcorn and were left with this super cute snow man tin =)  I hate throwing out the tins because they are just so practical, although they can’t really be used outside of the Christmas season…So this year, I decided to repurpose my popcorn tin into a chalk finished trash can!

popcorn tin trashcan

DIY Popcorn Tin Trash Can


  • one empty popcorn tin (enjoy the contents thoroughly ;))
  • two colors of Deco Art Chalky finish paint (I choose Relic & Refreshing)
  • Deco Art Ultra Matte Varnish
  • paint brush

popcorn tin trash can diy7


Enter, the giant Christmas popcorn tin…

popcorn tin trash can diy2

I used the natural line on the popcorn tin to tape off the separation between my two colors.  I decided to  paint the top of the trash can in Relic and the base in Refreshing.

popcorn tin trash can diy6

First, I painted above the tape in Deco Art’s Relic…

popcorn tin trash can diy5

Then I painted the base in Refreshing…

popcorn tin trash can diy4

I removed the tape, that’s when it occurred to me that I had made a little mistake in taping off the trash can too soon!  I had an open space where the tape was, which I filled in with the Relic.  However, I should have painted the top first, let it dry, then tape over the paint and painted the bottom.  Oh well, happens all the time in crafting!

I achieved the same result by filling in the open area with a little more paint.  Once the trash can was painted, I let it dry for about an hour then gave it a light coat of the Deco Art’s Matte Varnish… check out the finished product!

Of course, since this is chalky finish paint, you can write on it with chalk!

popcorn tin trash can diy

My DIY trash can will fit perfectly in our home office next to our chalk painted filing cabinet!

popcorn tin trash can diy3

The DIY Popcorn Tin Trash Can is part of our 10 Minute Transformation Series!

popcorn tin trash can

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  1. Thanks for posting how you did this. I’m helping my mom out and she has a mouse issue. As we work to control them I will be using old popcorn tins with lids to seal up trash bits until I take them out at night. Want them to look good and not christmasy. 🙂

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