DIY Recipe Book [10 Minute Transformation]

DIY Recipe Journal

When it comes to cooking, I’m pretty disorganized.  I’m always testing new recipes and improvising as I go.  My only problem (aside from the many failed attempts!) is that when something does turn out good I never seem to remember what I did to get to that point!  So, I figured it would be a good idea to keep a recipe journal around the kitchen so that I could actually keep notes & organize my thoughts while I cook.  I grabbed a composition notebook from the Dollar Store and transformed it into a chic DIY recipe book in just 10 minutes using wrapping paper & Deco Art’s Decou Page paste!


DIY Recipe Book [10 Minute Transformation]


  • One sheet of wrapping paper
  • Deco Art Decou Page paste
  • Americana Acrylic Writer paint
  • Raffia ribbon
  • paint brush


Cut a sheet of wrapping paper to size (enough to fit around your book and fold 1-2″ inside).  Spread a thin layer of the Decou Page paste on the inside flap of the composition book, press wrapping paper in place.  Use the access Decou Page paste on your brush to press the paper in place.

Spread another thin layer of Decou Page over the front and back cover of the book and press wrapping paper in place using the same method as above.  Add Decou Page paste to the back inside flap and fold wrapping in place.

*Notice the handy conversion chart that comes in these composition books, perfect for baking!

Cut a piece of raffia to size, long enough to wrap around the book and hang 3-4″ off the sides.

Spread a thin layer of Decou Page paste over the entire book, securing the raffia in place.  Allow Decou Page to dry.  I sped up this process to about 5 minutes by blow drying it, I have no patience!

Once the Decou Page is dry, use Americana’s Acrylic Writer paint to name your DIY recipe book.  I was really clever/creative in naming my book “recipes”… hey, clever wording isn’t my strong suit…

Once the paint has dried your DIY Recipe Book is ready for use!


The DIY Recipe Journal is part of our 10 Minute Transformation Series!

DIY Recipe Journal


How to you organize recipes & notes in your kitchen?

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  1. Love this idea, thanks. I can see its use for so many things and it would actually organize me using different colors.

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