The Making of a Monster Christmas Wreath [DIY]

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One of the most exciting (and sometimes stressful) things about having a new home is getting to create new things to fill the walls and spaces.  Brett and I bought our new home this past August and we’ve been busy working on it ever since! Here’s a little peak at our new home, lots more before and after pictures will be coming soon=)

This home is much more open-concept than our last home so we’ve had to make lots of changes in our décor, including Christmas decorations.  Since our front door isn’t very visible from the street, I wanted to display a HUGE Christmas wreath on the front of our house…the only problem is all the large wreaths I found were hundreds of dollars.  So naturally, I made my own =)  Which took no more than 15 minutes!

Making a GIANT Christmas Wreath [DIY]


36″ grapevine wreath form [I got mine from Hobby Lobby for $9 using a 50% off coupon]

one 9 foot pine garland [also from Hobby Lobby, find it here, on sale for $5]

one 6 foot “Donner” fancy pine garland [also from Hobby Lobby, find it here, on sale for $15]

one large velvet bow [mine came from a local craft store for $1.99]

wire cutters


Lay the wreath down flat and begin attaching the basic pine garland to the front of it.  Since the garland is made of wire, you can secure it to the wreath by twisting it under and around the grapevines.  Attach the basic garland to the entire perimeter of the wreath.

Next, cut the Donner garland into 6 (one foot) pieces.  Since this garland is fuller and has pine cones & berries, you can use it more sporadically in various spots.  Secure all six pieces to the perimeter of your wreath, again by twisting it around the branches.

Finally, attach your bow to the wreath.  All of these bows should come with a twisty tie for securing them. Fluff up the garland to fill out the wreath!

The Monster Christmas Wreath is complete, for just about $30!!  Sure beats $300!

Hanging it was the hardest part! Notice Brett’s taking the picture while having a good laugh over my struggle…

9 responses to “The Making of a Monster Christmas Wreath [DIY]

  1. I just made mine. And only paid 40.00 in total(with two 50% coupons). I looked at Micheal’s and they are selling wreaths the same size for 399.99. Home depot is selling them for 160.00. This project is a MUST DO!! It was inexpensive and easy. Thank you for sharing this amazing project.

  2. This is the most amazing idea. I have been looking at these huge wreaths too and just can’t afford to pay what they are asking for them. This is so economical. My only question is how did you attach this to your wall? We just moved into a new house and I really don’t want to drill holes. So I am curious to know what you used. Thank you so much for attempting and sharing your fantastic idea.

  3. One suggestion is to attach heavy fish line to a couple of points – like 10 & 2 o’clock positions to the wreath and run to hooks at the soffitt line on your home or garage. Secure as the wind will possibly have something to do with how
    you hang the wreath and its security.

  4. Stumbled upon your Monster Christmas Wreath, I love it!! I want to add battery powered white lights, would that be to much weight added to the wreath? I know it’s March, but I have everything to get started!!

  5. i just all the pieces i need to make my wreath. I’m so excited to start the project, I’ve been looking to buy one forever but, it’s so expensive. thanks a million for sharing.

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