Fresh Picked Friday [Vol. 54]

honey lemon egg white diy mask homemade 4


This was a long and stressful week for me so forgive (or enjoy 😉 ) the abundance of adult beverages in this week’s round up!

Who needs orange juice? Pour champagne over orange sherbert!

Pour champagne over orange sherbert

What would this World be without Brussels sprouts? [Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Lentils, Bacon, and Pear Salad]

shaved brussels sprouts bacon pear salad

I’m not sorry that I’m drinking again….[Strawberries + Cream Cocktail]

strawberries and cream cocktail

The many, many multi-purposes of washi tape!

washi tape uses

Look refreshed! [DIY Skin Tightening Mask]

diy skin tightening mask honey lemon

Give the gift of “handmade” this year! [DIY Hand Soap]

diy hand soap

Assuming these will be the best M&M Cookies EVER!

best mm cookie recipe

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