Snow Dipped Glitter Vase [DIY]

snow dipped glitter vase

I may be a little early, but I’m all over holiday crafting this year…I started listening to Christmas music the first week of November!? Maybe this new married life is making me more domestic!  Or maybe it’s just that I’m obsessed with Christmas crafts!  There’s something so cozy about the warm glow of candle light around the holidays, and I love displaying my candles in new, different ways.  This is what got me thinking about creating these Snow Dipped Glitter Vases for the holiday season!

Snow Dipped Glitter Vase [DIY]

Gather up:

Deco Art’s Glistening Snow Writer

Deco Art’s Craft Twinkles Paint, in Gold

Glass candle votive, or vase (I wanted to use a tall candle in mine)

christmas glitter votives

christmas glitter votives 2

Use the gold twinkles paint to cover half of your vase (or votive).  Allow to dry for about an hour, then apply a second coat.

Once the gold glitter paint has dried, use the snow paint to draw a thick line around the top of the glitter…make sure you add a thick line lot of paint, enough for it to drip once you flip the vase.  My line isn’t very thick, I added more paint after this photo was taken =)

Flip the vase upside-down and let the snow drip down the vase (away from the glitter).  This gives the vase a “dipped” look, super chic! Allow the vase to dry overnight-enjoy!

snow dipped glitter votives3

snow dipped glitter votives2


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