Modern & Reindeer Printed Hand Towels [DIY]

reindeer painted handtowes

Who doesn’t love fun hand towels?   I love to get festive with my kitchen towels this time of year, it’s nice way to bring some holiday flair into the kitchen without going too overboard.  Rather than buy traditional Christmas hand towels this year, I decided to create my own!  I wanted to do a fun, modern print and of course, a reindeer, so I made two hand towels.  These DIY Christmas towels make for the perfect hostess gift, or you could just keep them all for yourself =)

DIY Reindeer Printed Hand Towels

Gather up:

one package of white flour sack towels (I bought mine from Bed, Bath and Beyond)

Deco Art’s Turf Green, Lipstick and Cocoa Brown Multi-Surface paint

Small paint brush

Americana Mixed Media stencils


Start by laying your towel over a prep surface, preferably one you don’t mind getting paint on, because the paint will seep through the cloth a bit.

Lay your stencil down on the towel, then dab the red paint into the open areas.  I made two red areas on my towel.

Next, clean and dry your brush, then do the same technique using the green multi-purpose paint.  Allow the geometric printed towel to dry overnight.


Now its time to paint the reindeer towel.  Using the Cocoa Multi-purpose paint, draw a horizontal oval on the towel.

Next, draw a vertical oval attached to the first oval, this is by far the simplest way to draw a reindeer!

Finally, paint on your reindeer’s antlers and then his nose using the Lipstick Multi-Purpose paint.  Allow the reindeer hand towel to dry over night .

Enjoy your DIY reindeer printed hand towels!


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