DIY Gold + Pink Pop Breakfast Tray [tutorial]

gold pink polka dot tray1

When I was little, I use to dream about waking up to a beautifully served breakfast in bed with my husband, along with bathing in a natural bath with waterfalls and butterflies…a bit far fetched, maybe ;)…I’ve yet to be brought a breakfast in bed (cough, Brett, et etm), and the closest I’ve come to butterflies in my bathroom are the occasional moths my cat stalks and chases around. Oh well.  Anyway, I’m closer to my breakfast in bed dream now that I’ve created the PERFECT happy little tray for it!  A little paint went a long way on an old wood tray I had around the house 🙂

DIY Gold + Pink Pop Breakfast Tray

Start out with your basic wooden serving tray.  I had one at home from years ago, but you can pick one up at just about any arts & crafts store (or even Ikea).

Next, give the tray two full coats of gold metallic paint, I use Deco Art’s Dazzling Metallic Paint in Venetian Gold.

Wait an about an hour between coats…

Allow your tray to dry for a couple hours, until it’s no longer tacky.  Then, look for a round object to use for a circle stamp.  The bottom of a glass works great, I happened to use the cap from a small container I had.

Select a paint color for your polka dots, I chose Americana’s Satin Paint in Flamingo Pink.  Using a small brush, cover the circle in paint…

Then simply stamp it around your tray, you can use your paint brush to fill in any areas on the circles that didn’t cover completely…

Allow your tray to dry overnight, and there you have it, the happiest little breakfast tray =)  Who wouldn’t want to wake up to breakfast served on this thing?!

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  1. Do you ever have to seal your painted objects with anything? Especially, this tray for example, if you are going to be using it for things that could spill/damage it. If you did seal it, what product would you recommend and how many coats would you use?
    Thanks! Great gift idea!

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