DIY Wedding Envelope Liners [tutorial]

diy wedding envelope inserts

Planning a wedding can be completely overwhelming, and expensive!!  When I started my planing process this past February, I told myself I would “DIY” as much as I possible could…plus, it’s more fun that way 😉  I knew I would be making my wedding invitations from the start, mostly because DIY wedding invitations cost a fraction of custom ordered wedding invitations, but also because Brett and I wanted something that really felt like it came from us…Brett and I designed the wedding invites on the computer, then had them printed by Vista Print, which is super reasonable.  When it came to the envelopes, I loved the look of fancy liners, just not the price! So I decided to make DIY envelope liners using scrapbook paper! Talk about a HUGE cost savings!

First, I went to the craft store and bought loads of scrapbook paper (total was somewhere around 75 sheets for 70 invitations), I chose yellow honeycomb =)  There was a sale on scrapbook paper when I made my purchase, only .24 cents each, so I paid less than $20 for all the paper!

I already had all of the envelopes, since they came with my invitation purchase!

Then I picked up some scallop edging scissors for adding a fancy detail to the liners, and a glue stick for securing them to the envelopes…

This project is SUPER SIMPLE. First, I traced out a pattern for both envelopes on the back of the scrapbook paper.  I had my large 6 x 9 invitation envelope, then the little 4 x 6 response cards envelopes.  I was able to cut two response envelope liners and one large envelope liner from each sheet of paper.

Use the same template each time so all of your liners look the same!

Once your envelope liners are cut, add a bit of glue along the back sides, then simply secure them to the inside of your envelopes!

My DIY envelope liners turned out amazing, they looked 100% custom =) Total cost for all of the materials came out to less than $25, sure beats close to $200 for the custom envelopes!!

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