DIY Coral Branch Lazy Susan [tutorial]

diy coral lazy susan 6

Ikea is one of the best stops for basic home essentials, like storage solutions, reasonable kitchen gadgets, and basic pieces.  I always snag a few craft worthy items whenever I get a chance to stop in.  During my last visit, I picked up this basic wood lazy susan.  I knew I wanted to do something interesting with the basic wooden spinner, I just wasn’t sure what yet.  After sitting around the house for a few months (after testing a few paint colors on it) I decided to turn it into a Coastal coral centerpiece for my table.  I love everything to do with the color coral AND coral branches, so I used this chair we recently revived sold at the shop for inspiration!

Here’s the chair I used for inspiration, one of my favorite revivals to date!

vintage slipper chair with coral pring and white trim

Here’s how the lazy susan looked before it’s transformation:

diy coral lazy susan 4

First, I mixed up the perfect coral color using Americana’s Coral Blush and Cadmium Orange Acrylic paints.  I gave the lazy susan two coats of paint, waiting about 30 minutes in between.

diy coral lazy susan 5  Once the first coat of coral color was dry, I used Americana’s Warm White Acrylic paint to hand paint coral branches all over the surface.  Branches are super easy to paint, I’m the furthest thing possible from an artist!  To paint a branch, simple start with one long, curvy line, then add more curvy lines off the base line in all different lengths…

diy coral lazy susan 3

After I finished painting the coral, I allowed it to dry overnight.  Finally, I sealed the lazy susan for extra protection using Americana’s Acrylic Sealer Finish.  This spray sealer adds a nice, shiny top coat to any surface-perfection!

photo 3(6) (598x800)

Here’s how the DIY Coral Branch Lazy Susan turned out!

diy coral lazy susan

diy coral lazy susan 6 diy coral lazy susan 2

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