Ashley’s Chalk + Clay Paint Dresser Transformation [your pick]

cece caldwell destin gulf green dresser before after

We LOVE seeing all of the wonderful before and after transformations completed by our DIY savy customers at Picklee on Spring!  Today’s transformation was sent in from Ashley, who revived a boring old dresser using CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk + Clay Paint in Destin Gulf Green!

To complete her transformation, Ashley finished her dresser in CeCe Caldwell’s Destin Gulf Green, then sealed it using Picklee’s Poly Whey Satin Finish, which is a super-durable & natural finish coat product.

Here’s how Ashley’s dresser looked before it’s revival…

Ashley shares the story of her transformation,

“I got this bureau for $40 from a friend at work.  I really wanted to create a shabby chic look, and thought Picklee was the perfect place to go for products and advice!  Lisa fave me tons of helpful ideas and techniques, and confidence too, which is important when trying a new craft for the first time! I am really happy with my final results.  I purchased the CeCe Caldwell Dustin Gulf Green, and a matte finish to go over it.  Thank you so much Picklee!”

Here’s the finished dresser… she’s a beauty!

Great job Ashley!  Share your thoughts and Ashley’s transformation below!




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