Get the look…Lacquered Furniture [inspriation]

lacquered furniture

As most of you know, I usually finish my furniture with a matte finish chalk + clay paint, but I can definitely appreciate other beautiful finishes, like the lacquered look.  Lacquered furniture has a very clean, modern, high shine look to it, which can make a brilliant statement in just about any space.  I recently experimented with achieving a DIY lacquered look, so I started out with a basic pair of wood candle sticks and finished them in a high-shine lacquer enamel paint…you can find my DIY featured here, they turned out amazing!  I was feeling super inspired after my first lacquer paint project turned out so well, so I pulled together a bunch more lacquered furniture inspiration.  Maybe I’ll try to finish a pair of chairs next =)

DIY Lacquered Candle Sticks [source]

DIY Lacquered Candle Sticks

Yellow Lacquered Candle Sticks [source]

Yellow Lacquered Candle Sticks

Red Lacquer Dining Chairs [source]

red lacquered dining chairs

Yellow Lacquered Side Chairs [source]

yellow lacquered dining chairs

DIY Lacquer Tiffany Boxes [source]

DIY Lacquer Tiffany Boxes light blue

Black & White Lacquered Side Chairs [source]

White Lacquered Headboard [source]

White Lacquer Dining Table [source]

White Lacquer Deco Chairs [source]

White Lacquer Coffee Table [source]

DIY Red Lacquer Buffet [source]

Blue Lacquered Side Tables [source]

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  1. Hi,

    I love your site, it’s so inspirational. Would you please send me the image of the three blue boxes in #11?

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