DIY Painted Party Heels [tutorial]

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I’m headed off to a wedding this weekend, which is super exciting!  Who doesn’t love a good wedding?!  As usual, I waited until the last minute to get my dress…which left me stranded without shoes to match!  The color of the dress is a deep ocean blue, so I wanted a shimmery pair of light gold party shoes.  Finding this elusive pair of shoes in one day was virtually impossible, so I decided to make them using an old pair of heels I had in the closet!  Yes. I painted heels and the turned out amazing!

DIY Painted Party Heels

I started out with an old pair of red (pleather?) Jessica Simpson heels.  Totally outdated, and would have been donated if I hadn’t pulled them out to paint =)

I tested out a deep gold paint first and didn’t like the color, so I scuffed it up after it dried (to prepare it for the next coat of lighter gold paint)…here’s how the shoes looked before I painted them…yuck.

I decided to use Deco Art’s Dazzling Metallic paint in Champagne Gold.  I love this paint because its covers really well and has a nice iridescent shimmer when it dries.

I covered the shoes in three heavy coats of paint, waiting 30 minutes between each coat…

I was shocked with how perfect the shoes turned out!  They DO NOT look like DIY painted shoes!

Maybe I’ll add some photos of the shoes in action tomorrow night at the wedding 😉

For more amazing projects using Deco Art paints, check out their blog here!

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  1. yes, how did they hold up when you wore them? I tried painting a design on shoes one time but it cracked and flaked off. So I’d like to see how these paints did.

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