DIY Baby Bib & Burp Cloth [tutorial]

diy burp cloth diy bib

For those that don’t already know, I’m going to be a (first time) auntie VERY SOON!  My little sister, Samantha, is having baby boy (taking name votes, between Wyatt and Owen)!  We held a lovely baby shower for her this past week using lots of simple, DIY crafts & projects.  While browsing on Etsy, I found lots of adorable handmade bib and burp cloth sets, which I feel in love with instantly, however, I just couldn’t stop from thinking…”hey, I can make that myself”!  So, I did just that!  All you need is a little fabric, and a sewing machine to create your own bib and burp cloth set!

DIY Baby Bib & Burp Cloth

Gather up:

one yard of fabric [I used a funky whale pattern by Michelle Miller]

one towel

wide ribbon

sewing machine

step 1

I used two types of fabrics on the burp cloth to make it more absorbent and easy to clean.  First, I cut an 18″ x 10″ section out of a light blue towel, with indents on the sides for ease of laying it over the shoulder.  Next, I cut out a piece of my whale fabric in the same size and shape.

step 2

Next, I turned the “good” side of both fabrics in toward each other and used my sewing machine to sew around the outside edges.  I left a small (approx.3″) section open to allow me to flip the burp cloth right-side-out.

step 3

Once the burp cloth was flipped right-side-out, I folded in and stitched up the open area.  Lastly, I sewed around the entire burp cloth again, about 1/2″ in from the outside, just for a bit of esthetic appeal…

Moving along to the DIY baby bib!

step 1

First, I folded my towel in half and cut out a half circle shape, about 10″ in length.  Then I cut out another small half circle out of the folded area, about 4″ in length…

step 2

Next, I used the same sewing method as the burp cloth to stitch up the bib.  I turned the “good” side of the fabric in toward each other and stitched around the outside edge, leaving about 3″ to turn it right-side out.

Next, I stitched up the open edge of the bib and added more stitching approx. 1/2″ in around the outside of the bib.

Last, I added small fabric ribbon ties to the neck on the bib, for tying around baby =) Basically, I cut two lengths of fabric ribbon approx. 7″ in length, then folded them under and stitched them to the ends of the bib!  Couldn’t be simpler!

Here’s a look at the back “towel” side of the bib!

This handmade bib & burp cloth set makes such a unique and thoughtful gift too =)

4 responses to “DIY Baby Bib & Burp Cloth [tutorial]

  1. Hi, jordan. I have to admit that you do a good job. Compared with buying a baby bib, the DIY baby bib is creative and economic, I think. Expect to read your more DIY projects.

  2. Cute idea with the matching set! Have you tried making bibs with velcro? It makes it easier to put on squirmy kids. 😀

    What did you sister end up naming her baby? My sister has 2 sons: Wyatt (7) and Owen (4). Thought that was too cool that she was trying to decide between those 2 names 🙂

  3. Hi, Jordan.
    I have to say these baby bibs are so nice. Maybe I can follow your steps to diy some bibs for my little one. You really did a good job. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have to say you’ve done a great job. I will ask my wife to do some baby bibs for our new born. Thanks.

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