DIY Stars & Stripes Tank [4th of July Tutorial]

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I usually don’t rock festive apparel beyond the red dress on Christmas and green tee shirt on St. Patrick’s Day…but there’s something be said for  funky red, white and blue in support of our country’s birthday.  Now I didn’t say one of those stereotypical American flag tee shirts that you can find at just about every department.  I’m talking about an funky DIY stars & stripes tank that you can make at home with just a few simple supplies!

DIY Stars & Stripes Tank [4th of July]

Start with a plain white tee shirt, I used one of Brett’s large under shirts…the idea of this tank is to be a little over-sized.

Next, you’ll need three colors of Deco Art’s So Soft Fabric Paint.  I used Mediterranean Blue, Red Pepper, and Ivory.  Start with painting a red line across the bottom, then a blue line almost down the center of the shirt.  Fill in the blue area.

Using the red fabric paint, paint stripes across the entire shirt.

Once the paint has dried, about an hour later, you can stamp the stars onto your flag shirt.  Cut a star shape out of a heavy piece piece of paper of cardboard, then lightly cover one side with paint.

Stamp the star multiple times across the blue area…the idea of this shirt it to look fun & hand painted so don’t worry about being too perfect!

Once your shirt has dried, about an hour later, turn it into a tank by cutting off the sleeves, around the neck (to make it a scoop-neck), and then trimming any length off the bottom…

Here’s how my DIY American flag tank turned out after the trimming…

I love the way this my American flag tank looks, you can be sure I’ll be rocking it this Fourth of July!

I tied up one corner to tighten it up a bit =)

Happy 4th of July!

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