Pickle Jar Piggy Bank [DIY]

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My first nephew is due in September, which has me super excited and kiddie-craft  inspired.  I’ve always thought that piggy banks make great baby/toddler gifts because they’re cute, fun and teach the importance of saving all at the same time.  Oh man, I feel like I just channeled my mother in that last statement…scary.  Anyway, I have a bunch of old pickle jars laying around my shop, so I decided to turn one of them into a piggy bank for my nephew!

DIY Pickle Jar Piggy Bank

This project was very simple, all you’ll need is a plain jar, printed image, and glass paint markers!  First, I printed out the image I wanted to paint on my jar…a pig with words “Little Bank” on either side of it…”Little Piggy Bank” =)

Next, I cut the image and taped on the inside of my jar so that I could use it as a guide, my freehand painting of just plain terrible…

Next, I used Deco Art’s glass paint markers to trace the text and piggy image…

Then colored in the pig…

After I finished painting the outside of the jar, I removed the paper and baked it for 30 minutes at 325 degrees.  Here is the completed Pickle Jar Piggy Bank!

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