DIY Printed Fabric Tags [tutorial]

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Normally, I’d attempt to write an interesting little intro before sharing a new DIY project…but not today.  My mind is blank, as I’ve been staying up until the wee hours of morning working on lots of new products (and revivals) for the shop’s Summer collection.  Of course with more products, comes even more marketing…which can be expensive and super time consuming.   For this reason, I’m always looking for simple DIY marketing solutions…which brings me to today’s project-DIY Printed Fabric Tags!

My simple printed fabric tag idea hatched from my need to brand a bunch of the handmade textiles in our shop, like the baby blankets and vintage sock monkeys…

DIY Printed Fabric Tags [tutorial]

First, I designed my DIY fabric tags using Fireworks (which I use for literally everything), then I sized them down to 1″ x 1.5″ and pasted them onto Word Doc.

*Many of you have asked me about Fireworks.  Fireworks is an image editing/producing program by Macromedia, you can probably download a trial version online.  If you don’t have Fireworks, you really can use anything you want to make the image for your fabric tag, you could even use Microsoft Word if your tag is all text.  This really depends on how detailed you want your fabric tag and images to be =)

Next,  I cut a 8.5″ x 11″ rectangle out of an old white sheet I had laying around.  This was cut exactly to standard paper size so it could easily feed through my printer.

Next, I carefully fed the fabric through my printer, this is how it looked when it came out…I was SHOCKED at how clean the images looked!

After making sure the ink was fully dry, I simply cut out my DIY fabric tags!

Here’s how my fabric tags turned out, not too shabby!

The only thing left was to sew them onto my products!  This fabric tag’s being attached to a sock monkey’s butt =)

These DIY fabric tags couldn’t be easier to make, and they look amazing!

4 responses to “DIY Printed Fabric Tags [tutorial]

  1. You mentioned you used Fireworks. Is that a drawing program? If so, could you direct me to where I could download it? Thanks! This looks awesome!

  2. What a grand idea Jordan for making affordable yet eye catching tags!! I have printed onto store bought fabric sheets but never did it enter my brain to use that which is right here in my stash, simple white cotton fabric be it thrifted find or store bought yardage. Off to check out Fireworks

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