Old Hollywood Vanity [before & after]

old hollywood vanity

We’ve been turning out lots of amazing pieces at the shop lately. Some pieces have been flying out the door before we even have a chance to take an “after” photo! This is a beautiful thing! It means more and more people are starting to see the beauty in older, character packed items =) Luckily, I had a couple revived pieces archived in my furniture files, because today’s transformation is one you don’t want to miss!

We rescued this old, oak vanity from a local estate a few months back. The condition was near perfect, but the aesthetics (to today’s standards)…not so much.

Here’s how this vintage vanity looked when we found it….Ms. Lucy seemed to be pretty content with it, this seat became her new perch during the entire transformation process šŸ˜‰


I knew I wanted this vanity to be in a light, somewhat neutral shade. So first, I mixed up a pale shade of gray using CeCe Caldwell’s Pittsburgh Gray and Simply White.

After painting the entire vanity in one heavy coat of my custom mixed gray, I decided to go over it with a white-washed technique to lighten up the look even more.

To achieve the white-washed look, I made a mixture of CeCe Caldwell’s Simply White and water. To mix up the wash, I used a ratio of approx. 1/3 paint vs. 2/3 water. Next, I used a brush to lightly apply the white-wash paint to the entire piece…


Once the vanity was completed and dry, using a lint-free cloth, I applied a coat of CeCe Caldwell’s clear wax to seal the paint.

After the vanity was completed I recovered the seat in a navy blue & whiteĀ trellis patterned fabric =)Ā  Then, in a last minute decision, I decided to match the inside of the vanity to the navy seat; so I painted the vanity’s insideĀ using a navy blue gloss enamel paint.Ā  I absolutely love the way the seat ended up coordinating!

Here’s how my revived Old Hollywood Vanity turned out!


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