A note about the Boston Marathon Tragedy

boston marathon tragedy
Carlos Arrendondo, the cowboy” hero

As most of you know, I reside just an hour outside of Boston, so the Boston Marathon  bombing hit pretty close to home for me.  Though as a nation, when any event like this occurs, we’re all confused and full of questions.  There’s no logical explanation as to why any person or organization would want to inflict this sort of pain on a city and it’s inocent citizens, because events like this can only be carried out by cowardly monsters.  I call them “Monsters” because these individuals are lacking the basic and essential characteristics that unite the human race. 

At times like this, it’s important to remember that WE, as a citizens of this great nation are responsible for making our country a better place…

I usually share DIY & home inspiration, but today I’d like to share a different type of inspiration.  These are my thoughts about how we can all play our part…


9 responses to “A note about the Boston Marathon Tragedy

  1. Amen! This is so true. I am from Boston, but have been living in NC for 5 years. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone there.

  2. Okay, Picklee, we all now know how affected YOU were by this tradegy. Discusting. Cancel my subscription.

    1. Karen,

      I’m not sure I understand your point? This post is simply about working together as a nation to help those in need. We are seeing so many people work together right now and do what they can to help during this awful time. That’s the point of this post…not about how I was personally affected. I think you’re misinterpreting something here.

  3. Picklee-

    I agree with you entirely– it is sad that it takes this kind of tragedy for people to understand the importance of working together and being kind to one and other. As brothers and sisters sharing this earth, we are all truly feeling this tragedy.

  4. Hi Jordon,

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on what happened yesterday. You very eloquently said what many of us are thinking. Thank you for giving us DIY and other beautiful things to do and help fill this world with lively fun thing. Even if we need to heel as a Nation we can still take a little time to focus on making the world around us a more beautiful place. I really appreciate everything you said. From SF to Boston, our thoughts are with all of you guys affected by the tragedy.

  5. I was having a hard time today with thoughts of this unbelievable tragedy. Your post today helped me to remember we truly are all in this together. Let human kindness prevail over these senseless acts of violence. Looking forward to more of your fun ideas!!

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