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diy shelf tags

If there’s one department I’m seriously lacking in, it’s organization…I’m constantly re-arranging and searching for ways to organize & de-clutter.  The problem is that I’m so bad at organizing, most of the time I end up with a bigger mess than I started with!  It’s super frustrating.  Now that I have the Picklee shop, it’s really forced me to search out organizing solutions that really WORK.  A couple weeks ago, I was faced with the challenge of creating a display for our fabulous aromatherapy collection (if you’re not familiar, it’s an amazing collection of essential oils used for healing from within).  I tossed around lots of ideas until I came up with a thought to create DIY shelf tags using just clothes pins and cardboard! 

These worked perfectly for my display, but they would be great for organizing shelves at home to! Think shoes, clothes, toys, cleaning solutions, toiletries…everything!


DIY Clothes Pin Tags

step 1

I started out with a few strips of cardboard, cut from some boxes I had laying around.  First, I created labels for each of the products and printed them all out on heavy weight paper (regular copy paper will do too), my labels were 3″ L x 2″ W.


Next, I cut out a piece of cardboard (3″L x 2″W) for each of my labels….


step 2

After every was cut, I used just a bit of hot glue to attach a cardboard back onto each tag.

step 3

Using the hot glue again, I attached the clothes pins to my self (one for each tag)…

Simply open up the pin and insert your tags!  This is great because you can change out your tags anytime as needed!

Here’s how the entire display turned out! 

I needed some of that stress relief essential oil after tackeling this project 😉


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