Caribbean Whimsy Table [before & after]

blue table

Living on the New England coast, I tend to gravitate toward bright & “beachy” colors.  I get inspiration from lots of places, but one of my go-to sources is Maine Cottage.  I’m a sucker for just about everything they have!  However, I’ve said this many times before…I just can’t bring myself to pay top dollar for a brand new piece of furniture (which in most cases is made to look old & worn anyway!) when I can get the same look for MUCH LESS using a true vintage piece!  In fact, it’s that very thought that turned me into this crazy furniture reviving machine in the first place!  Today’s before & after is a perfect example of just that…check out the revived Caribbean Whimsy Table!

 Here’s how the table looked before it’s transformation…

To revive this table, I used a custom mixture of CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk + Clay Paint.  Since I wanted a Caribbean beach color, I mixed three parts Sante Fe Turquoise with one part Dover White, I absolutely love this happy color!  I gave the table two coats of paint, then I used a damp cloth to lightly distress the edges and detail work…

After the paint dried (about an hour), I used my wax brush to buff on a coat of clear wax!

Here’s a close up of some of the distressed detail on the table…

I absolutely love bead work!

That’s all for my Caribbean Whimsy Table!  What do you think of this happy color mixture?  Would you have chose any different colors for this piece?

You can find this piece available for sale here!

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