For the Love of Mint [inspiration]

the color mint

Mint is my absolute favorite color… in fact, it also happens to be my favorite ice cream flavor and cocktail (The Smashing Skinny Vodka Mojito); it’s even the signiture color of my Picklee on Spring shop in Newport, RI!  Mint evokes feelings of happiness for me, it just makes everything appear bright, fresh, youthful & fun.  I’m going to dedicate today’s entire inspirational post to MINT, the color of sunshine & happiness!

Mint Store Front [Picklee on Spring-Newport, RI]

Vintage Mint Dishware [Jadite Dishes]

A Minty First Impression [mint front door]

Because He Should Rock Mint Too 😉 [mens mint sport jacket]

Mint Can Be Delicious [Mint ombre frosted cake]

Mint Cerial Bowls [by Anthropologie]

A Minty Affair [mint and gold tablescape]

Reading in Mint [paint old book jackets mint and display]

For the Minty Intellectual [mint green readers]

Pump it Up in Mint [Mint Suade Pumps]

mint pumps

Minty Savings [mint green piggy bank]

Accessorize in Mint [mint faceted multi-bead necklace]

Make Each Day a Little Brighter [Mint green sunroom]

Vintage Mint [French mint + gold gilt chair]

Look Chic in Mint [Beige + Green Mint Dress]

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  1. Agree! Mint is a beautiful color and it goes beautiful in wedding decorations. Greetings!!

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