Cure for the Winter Blues! [before & after]

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It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s icy and dark…it’s winter in New England! Now that the weather doesn’t exactly permit flea markets and yard sales, I’m digging into my reserve for new pieces furniture to revive! Luckily, I collected and saved up a bunch of pieces over the Summer to keep me busy over this long, cold Rhode Island winter =) One of the pieces I pulled out was this antique spool leg table I picked up at a local auction…I decided I wanted to give it a bright & cheery beach cottage look, the perfect cure for my winter blues!

Here’s how the piece looked before it’s revival:

spool leg table antique

It’s a great looking piece with lots of character, but it needed a new life…without question.

I started out by painting the entire table in Spring Hill Green, by CeCe Caldwell chalk + clay paint.  This would not be by final color, but I wanted a layered, distressed cottage look.

Next, I painted the table legs in CeCe Caldwell’s Alaskan Tundra Green.  I watered down the paint a bit to give it a bit less coverage, I wanted some of the Spring Hill Green to come through =)  Then finally, I chose to paint the table’s top and bottom shelf in Pittsburgh Gray.

The last step when using CeCe Caldwell’s chalk + clay paint is always to wax or satin finish your piece.  However, before waxing, I decided to use a fine grit sand paper to distress the table around the legs and edges.  Once I got the table where I wanted it, I gave it a good coat of wax!

Here’s how the finished spool leg table turned out!


There may not be a permanent cure for the winter blues, but this happy little table certainly brightened my day =)

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You can find this table available for purchase at Picklee on Spring!

4 responses to “Cure for the Winter Blues! [before & after]

  1. Very nice before and after. The after had a very warm and cozy feel to it. It Is the type of table I have been looking for to add a piece of luggage for a table top. At least there is one out there….
    nice post!

  2. that is not the same table. The bottom shelf is different along with the legs and the top. It still looks good though

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