Fresh Picked Friday [Vol. 29]

belt hand bag


DIY Chic [diy up-cycled belt handbag]

belt hand bag

Who said pasta couldn’t be healthy? [Healthy Spaghetti with Spinach & Sundried Tomato]

Go Glam with Your Stemware! [diy pearl wine glasses]

Simply hot glue pearls & crystals to the base!

Dream bathroom [mint walls + dark plank flooring]

A rustic alternative [raw diamond ring]

raw diamond

The ulimate statement piece [antique apothacary chest]

vintage apothecary piece

3 responses to “Fresh Picked Friday [Vol. 29]

  1. Hi jordan, i love your blog its very refreshing and lot of ideas :). I just want to ask maybe you can give me an idea, i have a 3 year zara bag i got it from a friend (its blue made of nylon, polyurethane and cotton), i really love it but the problem is handle 40% worn out, any idea? Thanks a lot and keep it up.

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