Holiday Treat Bag [DIY + Free Printable]

christmas treat bag printable1

I love to bake, especially around Christmas time!  Every year, I usually spend the entire Christmas Eve, “Eve” (Dec. 23) baking mass amounts of Christmas cookies & candies…I love packaging them up into goody bags and giving them out to friends and family.  The thing is, sometimes I have just as much fun (if not more) making the packaging for my Christmas treats!  This year, I found a great printable online that I altered a bit to go perfectly with any Christmas treat package.  Here’s how my Christmas treat bags turned out!

This Christmas treat package was super simple to make.  All you need is a package of clear cellophane bags and a color printer!  Once you load up your goody bags with treats, you simple fold the bag topper in half and staple it to the bag! 

Here’s the template so that you can create your own treat bag topper!  Customize the topper by typing in your own home-baked Christmas sweets!

Seasons Eatings Christmas Treat Bag Template- by Picklee  [click to open in Word!]

Happy baking! Ho, Ho, Ho!

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