The Farmhouse Chic Cow Print Stool [before & after]

cow stool

I’m usually pretty conservative about using crazy prints and fabrics on my furniture revivals.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a vibrant, poppy print, but I usually like to maintain a classic look with more subdued colors.  This is the reason I get super excited when I have a small scale piece to work with, like a little chair or a stool.  I’m always more daring when it comes to fun prints on smaller pieces.  I came across the perfect opportunity to do this when I picked up this great antique foot stool at an estate sale a few weeks back.  It was in rough shape, but I loved it’s classic look and intricate detail.  Here’s how the stool looked when I found it:

Not really much to look at, but check out the great detail on this little piece!  Quality, character & detail are the three main things I look for when I’m searching for pieces to revive and this definitely fit the bill.

I decided to give this dated antique stool a chic farmhouse twist, so I chose to upholster it in a super-plush cow print fabric!   After removing the old fabric, I painted the stool in CeCe Caldwell’s Vintage White, then added new foam to the seat and finally finished with my funky cow print fabric!  I love the way this cozy little stool turned out!

What do you think of this bold farmhouse stool? Is this plush cow print fabric is too much or just right?  Share your thoughts and rate below!

This stool is available for purchase at Picklee on Spring!

6 responses to “The Farmhouse Chic Cow Print Stool [before & after]

  1. I love it, the stool is gorgeous, I love the cow print and it looks amazing with the white. I stepped out of my comfort zone too and just did a long coffee table into a bench with a zebra type of material over the cushion I added. I think it is fun to experiment with different material and yours was a good choice it is very cute. hugs Tobey

  2. Where did you get the cow print fabric?? I’ve been looking for fabric like this for a rug project. Love the stool btw!!

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