Giveaway! Organic Soup Mixes from Natural Pacific Foods

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I received some goodies in the mail the other day from my friends over at Pacific Natural Foods! Isn’t it the best when you get a package in the mail? I always feels like a kid at Christmas =) I was pretty excited to dig into this one…Pacific Foods makes a great line of organic soup starters, so it makes it super simple to whip up just about any soup dish.  The best part is that they offer really unique, Global bases like the “Pho” and the “Tom Yum”…soups flavors I know I could never conjure up without the help of these bases!

Last night I decided to make a chicken tortilla soup and it came out amazing.  Brett’s a major “meat and potatoes” guy, but even he can’t get enough of this hearty (yet healthy!) soup.  A few years back I perfected (in my humble opinion 😉 ) my tortilla soup recipe, it’s loaded with black beans, chunky tomatoes, corn and shredded chicken.  So I figured this time I’d make up my soup using the Pacific Food’s tortilla base…I must admit, I didn’t know it was possible, but it was even better than my original recipe!  Stay tuned for my chicken tortilla soup recipe, coming soon!  Until then, if you’re lookin’ for a Mexican food fix, check out my healthy Mexican Lasagna, it uses many of the same yummy ingredients as the soup =)

So I’m here today to share the love!  I am giving away one package of Pacific Natural Foods Soup Starters to one lucky Picklee reader!

To enter, simply reply to this post telling me what your favorite Fall soup is and be sure to “like” Picklee on Facebook

FOR EXTRA POINTS…Pass the message to like Picklee on Facebook along to your friends and tell me if you’ve done so 😉 !

One winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, October 24 to receive their FREE package of soup starters =)

I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Good luck!

***UPDATE!*** Pacific Natural has offered us two more kits to giveaway, so we will now be selecting three lucky readers to receive soup starter kits! 


37 responses to “Giveaway! Organic Soup Mixes from Natural Pacific Foods

  1. My favorite soup is a Tuscan White Bean, Sausage and Kale soup! Delicious, nutritious and fills your belly on a chilly evening!

    1. Kale is one of my favs too, it’s HUGE here in New Englandg! We make a Portuguese chourico and kale soup, yum!

    1. I LOVE butternut squash soup…that’s one I’ve never tried to make. If anyone wants to share their recipe, I’d love to see it!

  2. I have 3 favorites: Round steak Pho, chicken tortilla, curried butternut squash with chicken sausage, chutney, and greek yogurt 😀

  3. My Favorite soup for fall is Butternut squash soup… and any variation of it like butternut tomato soup:) Yummy!

  4. I live in Puerto Rico and my favorite soup is “Sancocho”. Its done with a bunch of local root vegetables, actually more like a stew. Its delicious and very comforting. You can also add meat or chicken. I dont know if youll mail to Puerto Rico but I still love your page and I shared the post on Facebook 🙂

  5. I love a good veggie lentil soup to warm me from the inside on a cold fall day! We have lots of cold days here in WI!!

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