Reclaimed Victorian Balloon Back’s [before & after]

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I hit up a great estate auction a couple weeks ago…if you ever have a chance to attend one, DO IT.  Even if you don’t buy anything, it can be so much fun just to see all of the different pieces and take in the thrilling bidding process.  Before arriving at the auction, I was able to view some of the pieces that would be up for bid.  There were two amazing pieces I knew I had to have immediately–a pristine pair of solid mahogany Victorian balloon back chairs, circa late 1800’s.  Although beautiful in their original state (despite the run down upholstery), these chairs were just begging to be given a new life.  Needless to say, I practically jumped out of my seat when the auctioneer brought these guys to the bidding platform, and as you can see, I won 🙂

The first thing I did when I got home was carefully remove the tattered seat upholstery, keeping it in tack so that it could be used as a template for making the new covers.

Next, I painted the chairs duck egg blue.  Then they sat in my living room while I stared and squinted at them for almost two weeks…


Something just wasn’t right…the blue didn’t suit them.  I couldn’t find a single fabric I liked for them in that color, it was a sign.  So I changed it.  I took out a can of jet black paint and went right over the blue.  THIS was it.  These chairs were so beautiful and packed with character, they just needed to be revived in a BOLD way.  After the black paint cured, I gave the chairs a light coat of laquer, I wanted them nice and shiny =) 

Last, I covered the chairs in a bold black and white striped fabric…I couldn’t be more pleased with the way these Victorian balloon backs turned out!


 These chairs are so chic…so Hollywood Regency!

And for the close up…

If you like the look of these revived Victorian beauties, check out this chic Victorian entry table too!

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  1. I’ve been looking for a black and white striped fabric just like this one! Do you remember where and what type of fabric you used?

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