The Modern Twist Chippendale Style Chair {before & after}

ball and claw chair1

Chippendale style chairs got their start centuries ago when the Chinese and Greek first made them popular.  It wasn’t until the early 18th century that the Chippendale style emerged in Europe.  Of course when this style was adopted, it was during the Queen Ann era, so it inherited that classic ball and claw foot characteristic we know so well.  Shortly after, these chairs made their way into the US, where we love and appreciate them to this day!  Today, these chairs look amazing when they are restored and given a slightly modern twist.  So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across one at a local flea market recently.  I’d been waiting for the opportunity to grab one of these at a great price so that I could revive it with a twist 😉  (all while maintaining the amazing original character of course!)…Here’s how it turned out!

When I picked up the chair, it was scuffed up and dirty with super outdated upholstery.  The beauty of all these things is that they can be easily fixed, since the quality and condition of the chair was great!

I polished and touched up the chair on areas where it had been scratched or scuffed, then I removed the old seat upholstery.  It took me some time to decide on a new fabric for the seat, since I wanted to pick something that would give it a modern twist without compromising the chairs original character and intricate design.  I finally decided on brown and cream colored crossed trellis pattern.  I am really happy with how the finished product turned out.

What do you think of my revived Chippendale chair?


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