DIY Screen Pantry Door {your pick}

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Screen door kitchen pantry’s are a wonderful growing trend. We are seeing a lot of old screen doors being re-purposed and added to kitchens in place of the standard old pantry and closet doors. The screen pantry doors add a fabulous element of design, and better visibility too! This look is perfect for rustic, country, cottage and coastal style homes.  Here’s a little screen door pantry inspiration for ya :):

In today’s “your pick”, sent in from Paula (of Plum Harvest) we get to see exactly how she gave her kitchen a new look by swapping out a simple pantry door with a great custom screen door.

Here’s how she did it…

Paula took an old screen door, sanded it down, then painted it, giving it a rustic white wash finish.

screen 1

She purchased decorative trim, and a new screen from the hardware store, then applied it to the pantry door.

screen 2

Next, Paula added new wood panels to the bottom of the door and painted them with black chalk paint.

screen 5

You could stop here and hang the new pantry door as is, but Paula decided to take it a step further and add a built-in-shelf to the back of her door.  She built a simple shelf (same size as the screen area of the door) and added a bead board panel to the back for design appeal, then she gave it a fresh coat of paint.

screen 4

Paula used standard hinge mounts (can be found at any hardware store) to attach the shelf to the back of the screen portion on the pantry door.  This is great for storing spices, small jars, etc!

Finally, she hung the screen door in place of the standard door in her kitchen.  Looks great, and really opens up the space!

Share your thoughts and rate Paula’s transformation below!

4 responses to “DIY Screen Pantry Door {your pick}

  1. I have had this idea for years…looking for the right door…so I’ll make mine too.
    I have thought of putting it on my guest bedroom entrance too, ( I have the privacy issue covered ) since it is decorated country.

    The various styles are great…where is the plug of cotton to keep the flies away? That is a real throw back.

    1. The screen doors are great..I’m ready to put mine up.really adds personality the the kitchen…like Grandmaw is coming around the corner.

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