Fresh Picked Friday {Vol. 12}

penguins 1 425


Happy Friday!  Here’s some fresh picked inspiration from the week!

Simple & Healthy Treat (homemade “Be Kind” bars)


ooolala DIY (bubble chandelier using Christmas ornaments)

Isn’t THAT the truth!

Another excuse for a party (16 party food station ideas)

16 party food stations

Clever Painting Tip (stick push pins in small objects to elevate them)

Too Cute (stuffed penguin tutorial)

Beach Art (vintage divers)

Getting ready for Fall (loving this look)

Fall accessory (Fair Trade Elephant Necklace)

elephant necklace


3 responses to “Fresh Picked Friday {Vol. 12}

  1. Though I doubt I will ever muster up the energy to
    attempt one of your wonderful furniture projects, I just wanted to let you to know how much I thoroughly enjoy viewing them!

    1. Thanks Karen! Reviving furniture can be easier than you think, start with something small and you’ll be surprised! It’s certainly a great feeling when you see the end results =)

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