Recycled Neck Tie Bracelets {DIY}

Some of you might remember a “your picks” feature about a shop in Newport, RI that makes bracelets out of recycled neck ties.  This always struck me as an amazing way to up-cycle such a common item.  I knew I wanted to attempt to make some of these myself at some point.  I found the perfect opportunity when I came across a bunch of my grandfather’s old neckties in a recent cleaning of his “beach house”.  Looking at his old ties brought back some wonderful memories, so it only seemed natural that I use them to make something beautiful.  I selected a couple bright, fun prints to use for the bracelets; I figured the more fun I could make the bracelets, the better!  I got home and started experimenting with the process, and it actually turned out pretty simple. Here’s my DIY for Recycled Neck Tie Bracelets

Recycled Neck Tie Bracelet {DIY}


one old neck tie

one button

needle & thread


Cut the end of the tie to size, incorporating the skinny pointed end of the tie.  Measure your wrist, then add approx. 1 1/2″ to make room for the button closure. Fold over the end and stitch it up so that it’s a clean end.

Using a needle and thread, attach your button to the newly stitched up end of your tie.

Cut a small vertical slice on the pointed end of the tie bracelet, just large enough for your button to slip through.  I used a larger button, so my cut was approx. 3/4″.  Be careful not to cut the slit too close to the tip of the tie, this will cause it to break!

Using the needle and thread, stitch around the outer edge of the slit so that you have a nice, clean edge.  This will stop the cut from coming lose at any points.

Your neck tie bracelet is now complete!

5 responses to “Recycled Neck Tie Bracelets {DIY}

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  2. You are a very creative lady. I am also trying my hand at
    making belts out of old ties using D-rings. Any more ideas
    for an old hand at sewing? We flea in Raleigh, N.C.
    Thanks K.B.

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