10 “use what you have” Cleaning Tips

10 use what you have tips

I don’t clean often, and I hate cleaning…in fact, it feels like I’m being punished for something horrible every time I look at the massive heap of laundry accumulating in the corner of my bedroom…so anytime I can find tips to lighten the load (no pun intended, ha!) and make cleaning a little quicker and simpler, I’M DOWN.  You may have already read my post on 10 DIY Cleaning Solutions, and 10 Up-cycled Organizing Solutions, which have both helped my tremendously with my little cleaning conundrum…so I spent some time collecting even more surprisingly simple & helpful cleaning tips, using everyday household items (I’m super excited about these), here they are!

There’s a nice print out, now keep scrolling my 10 “use what you have” cleaning tips, listed one by one 🙂

1: Brighten Your Laundry Whites with Lemon

 2: Clean Glass Bottles with Rice

3:  Shine Copper and Brass with Baking Sodashine copper brass1

 4: Clean Your Coffee Maker with Vinegar

clean cofee maker

5: Remove Tough Stains on Cutting Boards and Containers with Lemon 

6: Prevent Rust Stains with Clear Nail Polish

7: Prevent Plants from Leaking Dirt with Coffee Filters

8: Clean Dirty Blinds with Dryer Sheets

9: Stop Dust from Collecting on Wood with Olive Oil

10: Erase Ink Stains and Stuffs with Baking Soda

Now go fourth and clean!! Well you can, I’ll probably just stay here…;)


5 responses to “10 “use what you have” Cleaning Tips

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  2. If I may add an extra tip that is the most easy and overlooked… How To Clean Mirrors= water + paper towel. Just a few drops of water on a paper towel will take just about anything off of a mirror sans chemicals/residue/streaking/toxic inhalant. With just these two, I’ve gotten toothpaste, oil/lotion, hairspray, smudges, streaks off of my mirrors for years. TRY IT!

    1. Oh, how I wish that were true. It sounds like maybe most of the streaks and smudges you have removed have something in them that accounts for your cleaning miracle. I am lazy enough to have tried this hundreds of times with only the rare ssuccess.
      Perhaps I missed something here, but water and a paper towel cleans very little and are the main ingredient in the recipe for Streaks. Per chance you have a water softening system you aren’t telling us about?

  3. I have found that water alone an clean a lot of things first.. soap attracts dirt. So use water on your mirrors

  4. Was reading the comments about cleaning mirrors. The trip, get a sprat bottle, fill up with hot water and add a few dashes of Dawn dish detergent. This works miracles. I own a cleaning service and this is a great cleaner and very inexpensive. Even clean your windows with this solution!!!

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