Reclaimed Wine Glass Rack {DIY}

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One of my favorite things about dining out (aside from filling my belly with lots of yummy things ;)) is taking in the ambiance and collecting tons and tons of design inspiration.  Great restaurants shell out the big bucks for top interior designers, so you better believe I’m taking some serious mental notes while I dine!  I’ve seen some truly beautiful things…but since my budget doesn’t allow me to spend anywhere near what these places spend, my mind is always swirling with ideas on how I can recreate them for a fraction of the cost…So, I’ve had wine on my mind lately, as you may have observed from my posts on How to Cut a Wine Bottle and Up-cycled Wine Bottle Inspiration, which brings me to my latest creation…I’ve had this piece of wood for a while now (it’s an old drawer front I found on the beach), that I’d been looking for the perfect use for–so, feeling inspired by a recent visit to a favorite restaurant, I decided to turn the piece of wood into a hanging wine glass shelf for my dining room.  Since pre made wine glass racks are too wide, I was forced to make one.  The process turned out to be VERY simple, here’s the finished product-the Reclaimed Wine Glass Rack {DIY}

 Reclaimed Wine Glass Rack {DIY}

step 1 pCut 4 small strips of wood for each holder.  Two of the strips of wood should be thicker (approx. 1/4″, thick enough for the base of a wine glass) and two thinner strips of wood to mount on the thicker piece (approx. 1/8″)  The number of holders you will have depends on how long your shelf is. Also, the length of the strips depends on how deep your shelf is, my shelf was thin so the strips were only 5″ long (enough to hang one glass on each in most cases)

step 2 pUsing a staple wood glue first, then a staple gun, attach the strips of wood (the thinner piece overlapping the thicker piece) onto your shelf.  Use a wine glass to make sure that you space the hangers appropriately.  * Make sure to leave a space for mounting your shelf brackets, I chose to mount my brackets on the far outside ends of my shelf so I left approx. 4″ on both sides.

Repeat the same process across the bottom of your shelf until you reach the desired number of hangers…

step 3 p Mount your shelf brackets in the space you originally allotted for them.  I choose to use basic, industrial shelf brackets (purchased at Home Depot), I spray painted them hammered nickle to give them a more rustic, industrial look.

Mount your shelf to the wall and enjoy your Reclaimed Wine Glass Rack!





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  1. How do you finish off the cut part of the wine bottle after it has been cut. Mine are jagged and sharp.

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