The Lavish White “faux” Hydrangea Wreath {DIY}

lavish white hydrangea coffee filter wreath

A new season is upon us, and so is my need for a new front door wreath.  As I sat and pondered over what type of wreath to make for the warm weather days ahead, I had two things in mind…I wanted it to look cheery, simple & fresh.  Oh, and one of my all time favorite flowers is the hydrangea.  Then it came to me,  a wreath of nothing but simple, white hydrangeas…and to keep it “up-cycled” I will make it using coffee filters!  Coffee filters a great for crafts, especially making different types of paper flowers.  The paper flower technique I used in my Lavish White Hydrangea Wreath is definitely one of my favorites, check out the making of this fabulous “faux” hydrangea wreath below.

Making the Lavish White Paper Hydrangea Wreath

step 1 p

Gather up a woven branch wreath (I found mine at the Dollar Store), a stack of coffee filters (you will need at least 60), and approx. 20-30 wire tie wraps (twisty ties)

step 2 p

Stack three coffee filters on top of each other, begin to fold them in an accordion fashion, they will look like this when you are finished folding…

step 3 p

Use the twisty tie to cinch the folded coffee filters in the center. Twist to secure, and be sure to leave enough stack on the end of the twisty tie to secure your flower to the wreath

step 4 p

Pull up the coffee filter on both sides of the twisty tie.  These will become the pedals on the flower.  Arrange the pedals into the shape of a flower.  The finished flower will look something like this…

step 5 p

Continue making the paper hydrangea flowers,  you will need approx. 20 of them, depending on the size of your wreath.  Attach the flowers to your wreath using the twisty ties you left on them.

Enjoy your lavish new White Paper Hydrangea Wreath!

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