Wine Cork Bath Mat {DIY Tutorial}

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For some reason I just never could bring myself to throw away the corks from my empty wine bottles…I just kept tossing them into a glass jar in my dining room not know what I would ever use them for.  As much fun (and slightly alarming…) as it was watching them build up, I decided it was time to put some of them to good use!  So I hit up the web and  came across this wine cork bath mat.  Eureka!  I had to have one.  I love the look of bamboo and cork mats so what could be better than up-cycling wine corks to make my own!?  Here it is, my The Wine Cork Bath Mat.

Materials List:

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  1. Approx. 100-150 corks (ask friends, collect, or purchase on good ole’ Amazon.
  2. One anti-slip rug pad
  3. Hot Glue Gun
  4. Hot glue
  5. Utility knife

step 1 pDecide on the size of your mat, cut your rug pad to size.

step 2 p

Using the utility knife, start cutting the corks in half.  Be sure to do this over a piece of scrap wood and BE CAREFUL, the corks can get slippery!

Be patient…this takes some time.  All this wine talk made me thirsty 😉

step 3 pOkay, now it’s time to glue the cork halves to the mat.  Use the hot glue gun to apply a bit of glue to the cork.  Continue placing them on the mat in a row.

Trim off any excess rug pad once all of the corks have been glued.

Here’s another view

jordan picklee signiture1

20 responses to “Wine Cork Bath Mat {DIY Tutorial}

  1. I love wine bottles and corks, I have made cork wreathes and cork trees, now I want to make items using your method of cutting the wine bottle. I love the idea of the edging, I am currently trying to make mine work. Thanks so much

  2. Thats funny i came across this today. I was cleaning my kitchen and found a wine cork. I told my husband not to throw it away and to start saving them. He was like “WHY”? i said i want to make something from them. And so i stumbled upon this. Now my only question, as it beign a bath mat, how well does the corks hold up with getting wet all the time? Do they get moldy?

  3. I like that this isn’t the same wine cork crafts I’ve seen all over Pinterest, but I’m wondering how comfortable it is under your feet when you step out of the shower?

    1. Caroline, it’s actually surprisingly comfortable! Also, corks naturally soak up the water, so it’s great for that too!

      1. Woohoo, I’ll have to try it then! I got about 3/4 of the way done with a cork wreath a few months back but ran out of corks. I think I may take them off and make one of these instead. 😉

  4. Does the hot glue hold up well for this type of application? Any suggestion for the best type of glue to use for a floor mat?

    1. I use GOOP a lot. It is water proof so I think it would hold better than hot glue.
      I think putting some Goop on the sides and ends of the corks would hold it together better also.

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  8. is it possible to make a wine cork mat without cutting the corks in half?? like with fishing line or wire?? any ideas or instructions would be appreciated… I really would like to keep them as solid wine corks. I don’t like the idea of cutting my precious prized cork collection in half. Anyone else feel this way about it???

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