The World’s Ugliest Chair Gets a Makeover! {Before & After}

chair makeover side

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and I am out thrift shop scouring!  Man, there are so many helpless pieces of furniture to save, but today I will only choose one {space is limited due to some other exciting pieces I picked up over the winter…stay tuned ;)}  On my thrift shop missions I always hold out for old pieces with great bones and unique details.  I can overlook the ugliest paint jobs, fabrics and fixtures, in fact the uglier a piece starts the better I feel about saving it =)  Well, on this particular day, I’d say I found one ugly piece of furniture.

I’m just going to go ahead and proclaim my find The World’s Ugliest Chair

I was really excited about this transformation because I had been inspired to create it ever since I set my eyes on the Louis XVI Arm Chair in Ikat Medallion by Ballard Designs, here it is…

ballard designs louis chairOkay.  So here’s how the transformation of the World’s Ugliest Chair began.  I grabbed my gloves and goggles (you never know what could pop out of one of these old things) and started pulling off the hideous orange plaid fabric.  The key here is removing the fabric ever so carefully so that you can use the old pieces as templates for cutting the chair’s new fabric.

Then there was a shocker…just when I thought I had found The World’s Ugliest Chair, I discovered that the The World’s EVEN UGLIER Chair was hidden underneath it the whole time!

Enter this guy…


Next, I laid the old removed pieces of fabric on top of my new fabric and cut out my new pieces.  Surprisingly, this whole chair only took one yard!

Once all my pieces of fabric were cut, I went to work attaching them with my staple gun…

The last step was attaching a fabric cover to the back of the chair.  For this step, I used silver upholstery tacks.  Here’s the finished product, I think I’ll stop referring to it as The World’s Ugliest Chair now =)

Here are those silver upholstery tacks I used on the back…

Share your thoughts on The World’s Ugliest Chair transformation!  Do you have an ugly chair transformation?  Submit it to Picklee’s Your Picks here!


Check out this 18th C. French Burlap Chair I found on Restoration Hardware!  Different fabric, but looks a little familiar, huh?  At $1695 for the RH version, I’m feeling pretty good about my transformation right now =)

restoration hardware french chair

jordan picklee signiture1

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