23 Sensational Home Offices {inspiration}

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If not a “home office”, everyone should have a space in their home for organizing personal files, storing books, computers, etc.  This place should be both inspiring and stimulating, whatever it is that takes you to your “happy place”.  For me, a home office is an important part of my living space, its about organization, inspiring creativity, and evoking a feeling of relaxation.  Home offices can be just about anything.  The following collection showcases 23 beautifully inspiring home offices ranging from massive rooms, to under-stairway offices, to simple closets turned into home offices.  After all this inspiration, you’ll be left with the task of outfitting your home office.  One amazing resource for office fixtures and EVERYTHING home decor is HomeClick, check them out!  Remember, the environment you choose to do work in should be one of the most inspiring & uplifting spaces in your home!


 23 Incredibly Inspiring Home Offices

I just love the relaxing pallet of grays and whites in this lovely home office Centsational Girl.

You don’t need a ton of room to have an amazing work space.  This simple white desk pops against the yellow stripped wall in this home office from thedecorista.

This super eclectic loft home office is sure to inspire a great deal of creativity!

Earthy simplicity is the theme in this modest, yet fabulous home office from inspiredtoshar.

I just love the peaceful vibe in this minimalist, crisp white home office.

Good organization is key with any office environment, these fun lime green boxes, found on iheartorganizing, are super inexpensive and add loads of personality to an stark white desk.

Here’s an example from Houzz.com of an amazinly clever use of that under-the-stairs space, a home office!

I love the use of patterns and bright colors in this vibrant home office from ramblingrenovators.  Bright colors and patterns are a HUGE trend right now!

 Here’s another great use of that open space at the top of the stairway.  Turn it into a built-in home office like this one from hellohappinessblog.

Wow, loving those trendy bright colors again in this hip, eclectic home office from designspongeonline.

Florals and bold prints bring this modern white home office to life.

Here’s a classic home office using a gray and white color pallet with pops of pink, such an uplifting use of color…perhaps my favorite office pallet.

I adore bright colors and patterns used in this creative home office space from mycornerview.

Another minimalist home office from designspongeonline, brought to life using a groovy fur office chair.

This home office has classic style infused with a bit of dreamy, shabby chic flair.

craft table office kayleeerin 16This is a dream home office for the ultimate crafter.  Here’s a great use of space and organization from kayleeerin.

Library ladders add drama to just about any space.  If books are abundant in your home office, a library ladder like this one from lifeat5feet.blogspot can be a great addition to the space.

An L-shape desk like this one from simplykellyblog can be a great use of space in an oddly shaped room.  I love the cheery use of light blue and white in this home office.

Need a home office but short on space?  Turn any closet into a mini built-in home office!  The consistent use of blues in this closet home office from handmadebitsandpieces makes this space look like it was made for this purpose!

I love the use of white and earthy materials in this simple, rustic home office from hviturlakkris.

Wow, simply fabulous.  This classic, yet romantic home office so charming, I’m not sure if I could actually get work done in here!

What a great use of patterns in this trendy home office from cadmiuminteriors!  The black and white striped walls combined with the cow hide rug is a clever twist on a classic black and white theme.

There’s nothing more inspiring than a work space filled with sunlight.  This amazing home office is packed with sunlight and loads of storage & organization solutions.

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  1. Where can I find the desk in I think #1 ? The greyish trestle style desk in the grey & white room with the square rug that has the grey circle and white chairs ?

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