Ticknamo, the Sock Monkey DIY {How To}

sock monkey diy completed 4

Sock monkeys are just awesome.  Why?  For starters, they make everyone smile, and just about anyone can make one.  They are fun, simple and usually the more “defects” they have, the cuter they are!  Since sewing is not exactly my forte, I knew the sock monkey DIY was one project I could definitely tackle.

I’ve seen lots of different types of sock monkeys, but many of them are too “perfect” in my opinion.  I wanted my sock monkey to look silly, unique, and a little vintage-after all, these guys have been around for centuries.  I’ve documented the making of Ticknamo {I don’t know, he just looked like a “Ticknamo”…),the Sock Monkey below.

Everyone should have a sock monkey.

**UPDATE** You can now purchase your very own handmade sock monkey on Etsy at Picks by Picklee!

how to make a sock monkey

For your sock monkey:

Gather Up:

one pair of wool socks {preferably grey with two cuff colors}

cotton filling

plastic eyes

feather {for hair}

needle & thread

hot glue

{DIY} How To Make a Sock Monkey

step 1

Cut the top cuff off one of the wool socks.  Make sure to leave some of an end with some color still attached.  Here, I left some of the black attached.  This will later be the sock monkeys arms or legs!

step 2

Flip the cuff inside out.  Sew one side.  Flip the cuff back so the right side is out now, stuff the cuff with filling.  Sew the open side up, this will be your sock monkey’s mouth.

step 3

sock monkey diy cut body 3

Using the same sock that you cut the cuff off, cut approx. 6-8″ off from the toe portion.  Stuff with filling and stitch up the open end.  This will be your sock monkey’s body.

step 4

Now it’s time for the sock monkey’s ears!  Pinch the top corners of the sock monkey’s head {what was the toe of the wool sock}.  Once you have the size and shape that you want for the ear, stitch it together.  Do this by putting a few stitches in the base of the ear, then wrapping the thread around the ear to get that gathered look.

The finished ears will look like this…

how to make sock monkey ears 5

Moving right along the the arms & legs of your sock monkey!  Using the second sock, cut off the top portion of the two-colored cuff {I cut off the grey top, which left me with just the black ends}.  Then cut the toe portion off leaving approx. 8-10″ on the ankle section.  You will not use the toe section of this sock.  Cut the 8-10″ section in half, these will be your legs.  Do the same with first sock that you previously cut the cuff off {and the monkey’s body}

how to make sock monkey arms legs 7

Cut a long {very skinny} strip out of one of the sock monkey extremities.  This will be the tail.  Stitch up the arms and legs and stuff them with filling.

Your sock monkey’s extremities will look like this…

how to make sock monkey arms legs tail 9

Stitch the sock monkey’s mouth onto the head, the lighter color of the sock cuff should be on the bottom.

Almost done!  Attach the arms and legs to your sock monkey!  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect.  Remember, sock monkey’s are supposed to be a little ruff around the edges!

step 8

how to make sock monkey eyes hair 11 On to the last step in the making of a sock monkey!  Using hot glue, attach the eyes to the sock monkey.  I also attached a single feather {also with hot glue} for some fluffy red monkey hair =)

 Ticknamo, the Sock Monkey, take one…how to make sock monkey completed 1

Mug shot…how to make sock monkey completed 2

Hanging around…

It’s tough being a sock monkey…

how to make sock monkey completed 3

This sock monkey was a gift for someone special, so he got a tag {which I cut out from a scrap paper book}.  The back of the tag read “Ticknamo, the Love Monkey”.

how to make sock monkey completed 5

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  2. Non sewing 10 yr old fell in love with this and is planning on making it while camping this summer. Thanks

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