Vintage Glass & Fluffy White Necessities

cotton ball with qtips in vase with glass

There’s just something so beautiful about using practical, everyday items as design elements.  Comfortable spaces in your home should showcase items you use often in a beautiful way.  Take cotton balls and Qtips for example, everyday items that we often hide away, but why?  These fluffy white friends are really too much fun to hide.  You could use fancy apothecary jars {like these from Pottery Barn}  to display those items, or you could make something even better 🙂

I decided to use these two vintage glass vases {thrift shop finds of course} to store my cotton balls and Qtips in a unique way.

It sounds so simple, but stacking the two vases filled with fluffy white necessities is truly a beautiful display, and saves space!  Just make sure that the smaller vase rests snugly in the mouth of the larger one, you wouldn’t want it falling to the bottom when the cotton balls get too low 🙂cotton balls with qtip glass vase

jordan picklee signiture1

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