Resort Inspired Moss Rock Topiary {DIY}

diy moss rock topiary

I love traveling and exploring new places, but I especially enjoy experiencing great resorts & hotels while I’m away from home.  Hotels and resorts are an excellent source of design inspiration; they’re usually furnished by top notch designers who spend countless hours researching trends & mood enhancing design elements.  During a recent stay in a hip Chicago hotel, I came across a gorgeous topiary display…I walked up to it and instantly imagined how I would re-create it for myself.  Here’s the inspiration…topiary inspiration

 I decided to make my topiary on a much smaller scale than the one from the hotel.  For this project, you will need:

Foam Ball (the one I used was 5″ in diameter)

Approx. 25 Small Moss Rocks (I purchased at the Dollar Store!)

Hot Glue Gun

step 1

Use the hot glue to apply the moss rocks to the foam, arrange carefully to avoid gaps between the rocksIMG 6883

step 21

Select a fun vase or planter to set the moss topiary in.  This topiary is certainly an impressive display…try grouping 2-3 of the these together to multiply the effect!

Someone snuck in this picture…

jordan picklee signiture1

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