$2 Vases Gone Wild!

I’ve seen so many fun, retro painted vases like these at Anthropologie, and I’ve been determined to re-create them…I couldn’t justify spending over $100 for a few small vases just because they’re cute.  So today, I went to my local thrift shop and purchased four small vases {$2 each} for a grand total of $8, here they are:

I decided that I would use my Annie Sloan chalk paint (in Provence) for coating the inside of the vases to achieve that funky painted Anthropologie look.  I also decided to use a lime green acrylic paint on two of them as well. *I found that the acrylic paint left a more transparent look, while the chalk paint coated the vases fully.

I simply poured the paint inside the vase and twirled the vase around until it was fully coated…

Patience is key.  If paint is thicker, it can take some time to coat the entire vase while the paint slowlyyyyy trickles down!  The end result is amazing, and for $8…this painted vase DIY is pretty hard to top!

6 responses to “$2 Vases Gone Wild!

    1. Bonnie, good question. Once the paint is nice and dry (give it at least 48 hours) you should be perfectly fine adding water to the vase. This project is very cool, have fun!


  1. Thanks to your post I remembered that I had planned on painting vases back in December when I made some homemade Christmas ornaments! I went out and got paint & sisal rope to make the perfect color red vase for the living room! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Some of my acrylic paint was so thick that it barely moved inside the glass. After spending forever on a small vase, I added a tiny bit of water to the next color and it worked much better and still had a vibrant color. I just mixed it in a deli container before pouring it in.

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