Vases for Lights, and Lights for Vases!

dock jar vase 1

Reuse. Revive. Re-purpose.  That’s my motto, if you haven’t already realized!  Humm…I should write a song about it to the tune of Jack Johnson’s “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”…that’s another day, I digress!  Well today, I bring to you, an inspiring post about lighting…and vases for that matter.  You may not realize just how interchangeable these two things are!

The other day, while enjoying a {skinny} latte at the most amazing coffee shop & “snuggery” on Providence’s east side, I looked up and noticed that the incredibly glamorous pendant lights beaming down on me were actually silver mercury pineapple vases!  Just like these…silver mercury pineapple vases

All you would need to do is use a glass cutter to cut a small hole in the bottom of the vase to mount a socket and snake the wire through!  You could imagine my delight as all of the unbelievable possibilities swirled through my head! Here are the mercury vase pendant lights in action…

pineapple vase pendant

photo 3photo 1 800x725

So beautiful, I will definitely be making these soon!

Now, after seeing these, I was reminded of a similar concept that I’d already done at the house.  I had once found some old jar lights at a thrift shop that I feel in love with.  Similar to these…dock jar light

  They were rusty and packed with character from years of sitting on a dock somewhere; I had to have them for my coastal dining room.  When I got them home, I decided they made the perfect vases for the top of my dining buffet, here they are in use!

dock jar vase 1

dock jar vase

 I hope this will inspire even more creative uses for common materials like these, I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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