For The Love of Cucumbers (and vodka)!

cucumber infused vodka

As I passed through my kitchen this morning, I was reminded one of my all time favorite libations-fresh fruit infused vodka-after all, it is Thirsty Thursday!  In the past I’ve done Lemencello (vodka infused with lemons & sugar), pineapple infused vodka, and cranberry infused vodka; but this time, my love of cucumbers has inspired me to try cucumber infused vodka. 

A coincidence that this delectible spirit sits directly beside my every day staples? Perhaps. Just kidding, I’m not THAT bad!  Anyway, vodka infused with cucumbers is a surprisingly refreshing twist on standard fruit infused spirits-and usually lower in calories due to less juices needed for flavoring.  See my super simple Cucumber Infused Vodka recipe below, as well as some of my favorite cucumber cocktails!

cucumber voda

Gather up:

1 large air tight jar or container

1 750 ML bottle of vodka (I used Stoli)

1 English Cucumber


Peel the entire cucumber and slice into strips, combine vodka & cucumber in the air tight jar.

Wait 10-14 days, no longer or vodka will become bitter.  Strain the vodka back into it’s original bottle, discarding the cucmber slices-couldn’t be simpler!

cucumber saki martini2

Gather up:

2 oz. infused cucumber vodka

2 oz. dry sake (I like Ozeki)

just a dash of agave nectar

2 cucumber slices for garnish


Combine vodka, sake and agave nectar in shaker with lots of ice.  Shake, shake, shake until slightly foamy.  Pour into a fabulous martini glass, garnish with a cucumber wedge (weave onto a toothpick for even more fun)-enjoy!

minty cucumber vodka mojito1minty cucumber vodka mojito image

Gather up: 

3 oz. infused cucumber vodka

2 lime quarters

2 springs fresh mint leaves

2 cucumber slices

2 oz. club soda

just a dash of agave nectar


Squeeze lime into glass, add mint springs and agave nectar-muddle well

Pour in vodka, top with soda water-garnish with cucumber and enjoy!

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