Happy Friday-Cheers!

green trough sink

It’s Friday-whew, this calls for a big margarita (the Smashed Lime Skinny of course)! It’s been a long week, we’ve been working on getting our basement finished for a few months now and it seems like every time we start making progress we unveil yet another setback!  I’m feeling like this:

out of vodkaThis past week I modified our design again so I guess its partially my fault…but if we are going to do it, I want it done right!  The kicker is that I can design spaces for clients all day long, yet I just never seem to get it right (or be satisfied) with my own!  Anyhow, I’ve eliminated the step of adding a bathroom to our basement, a value adder I know, but I decided that I would get much more use and pleasure out of a fabulous laundry area instead.

Here’s an image of the laundry layout I’ve decided upon:

Love this look, and I’m so excited for all of the storage, especially having exposed apothecary bottles with detergent etc.! Just thinking of one mod, I’m totally thinking of doing a sink like this (it’s just so fun and ideal for laundry!):

Seriously, can you get cuter!?

jordan picklee signiture


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  1. Hi! I was wondering if you knew where that trough sink is from? I have been searching for one forever!!
    Thanks so much!

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