Mid-century Retro Modern Chair Revival

I’m back at it again!  Another afternoon of thrift shop scouring (like a kid in a candy store) has paid off majorly. As I scaled mountains of broken picture frames and grandpa’s hanker-chiefs, I unveiled a diamond…in a dark, dusty corner, covered in stains from the past 50 years, there sat the most beautifully ugly (yes, it’s possible) vintage retro side chair.
dwell pollino chair2

With smiles from ear to ear, I ripped the smelly, dusty tan chair out of it’s grave and brought it to the register-one lovely story about vintage chandeliers from a little old man who owned the shop and $15 later, I was the proud owner of my next masterpiece!  The inspiration for my creation was The Pollino Chair from DwellStudio (with a hefty price tag of around $1,100, right image)

First things first, got the chair home and ripped off 50 years of funk (dust mask adorned of course).  Then began to measure and cut the new fabulous baby blue and cream damask Waverley fabric.  Once everything was lined up, I pulled out my nail gun and hammered away (no pun intended!).  *Always wearing my safety glasses of course, nail guns are definitely not toys!

A couple hours and a few profanities later, voila…my new fancy little chair!  I even whipped up an orange pillow for contrast with some extra fabric I had laying around.

Another view, check out the character on those swoop arms 🙂

One more close up, I’m in love 🙂 


jordan picklee signiture

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