Non-working Fireplace? OH the Possibilities!

So you have a non-working fireplace.  So what!  How many times would you really light a fire anyway?  I do happen to have a working fireplace that we MAYBE light 2 times a year.  By the time we think about hauling logs in from outside (after we make sure they’re dry, which is rare as a result of the unpredictable New England weather!), getting the fire properly lit, smoking out the house because we can’t get the flu right….forget it-I’ll just light a few candles for the effect!!

Bottom line is, fireplaces make a beautiful addition to a home weather working or not, and sometimes they are even more beautiful when we enhance them with some of the lovely options below…

a simple candle alter with birch log risers in a non working fireplace, so organic and classic

 Loving this black and white theme with a mirror blocking the fireplace

For the beach lovers, coral and sea shells in your unused fireplace!

An elegant option for the nature lover’s non-working fireplace, moss and seasonal greenery, with a few candles (I recommend flame less around all those plants!)

Pumpkins galore! Overload your fireplace with pumpkins and gourds for a festive fall look, showcase family painted pumpkins for a look that’s fun and personalized!

For the holidays, arrange ornaments of varying sizes in your non-working fireplace, gorgeous!

A simple and classic idea for a non-working fireplace, filled with beautiful logs-a look that never fails

3 responses to “Non-working Fireplace? OH the Possibilities!

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  2. I really like the candle holder you’re showing with the candles/birch logs in the first picture. Do you know where I might be able to purchase something similar? I’ve been looking online but haven’t found a good match. Thank you!!

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